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I Like Your Band

Vanilla Poppers

I Like Your Band

Feel It
7" $7.75



***Quite simply one of the hardest working bands in contemporary punk and hardcore, VANILLA POPPERS are back with their most urgent material to date. Following an excellent 2017 LP on Lumpy, 3/4 of the original lineup relocated from Cleveland to Melbourne, Australia, home of vocalist CHRISTINA PAP. The four new tracks on I Like Your Band find the Poppers on top of their game, driving home hook-laden punk hits beneath Pap's ruling vocal presence. And what's more? The band's gritty, live charm is captured at its best here by BILLY GARDNER (Ausmuteants, Antifade Records) and dialed in on the mix byMIKE GILL (Perverts Again, Cruelster). A near-perfect EP delivered with the precision and attitude of first wave '70s PUNK and executed with the style and confidence that few contemporary acts possess. I Like Your Band comes packaged in a glue pocket sleeve with artwork from WILLIAM CHAPMAN plus lyric insert and download code.

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