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No Better

***NOW AVAILABLE!!! “From the same label that brought us Daniel Lopatin's Games, comes this 12" of twisted eighties style new wave electro industrial electronic pop from this duo, a dizzying mix of old school synth pop and industrial crunch, with a teeny bit of Chicago house swirled in. And some straight up eighties MTV style pop. But it's not the parts, it's what they do with them, and what these guys do is pretty bizarre and fantastic. Imagine Oingo Boingo but way more minimal and druggy and psychedelic, or a way more industrial version of The Fixx, think old Ministry, Foetus, Coil, Severed Heads, even Portion Control, it's poppy, but dark, warped and electronic, new wavey but also a little witch housey here and there. Woozy melodies are wrapped around stuttery beats, deep super dramatic vox drift over angular off kilter synths, strange sound effects swirl in the background, while the beats skitter and pound, keyboards buzz and pulse, all somehow molded into some retro dancefloor destroying electronic industrial pop weirdness, that manages to totally hit the spot, referencing all of those bands we grew up with, but also twisting that sounds into something fresh and new and gloriously tweaked and tripped out. Pressed on super thick white vinyl, and probably pretty limited too...”—Aquarius