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Waltz Don’t Run

White, Ralph

Waltz Don’t Run

Feeding Tube
LP $19.50

11/18/2014 794504031812 

FTR 157 LP 

***"This album represents a particularly whacked-out session for the peripatetic Austinite RALPH WHITE, who is renowned for many things. Not the least of which is the fact that he's one of the few men who Michael Hurley will join on tour. It's no small thing? Most of White's fantastic solo output makes use of his multi-instrumentalism, often with a focus on his violin or banjo playing. Here, however, Mr. White focuses exclusively on button accordion and a variety of songs that can be done in waltz-time, regardless of whether they were first planned as waltzes or not. He says that the concept first came to him when he was recording a waltz version of ‘Sweet Jane’ for a Lou Reed tribute album. The impulse to continue creating in this vein seized him and he seized it back. The results are shockingly great. One is used to hearing such stuff done with thick English accents, bad teeth and a scholastic attitude. White's approach is rural, American and a bit strange. The overall feel is actually more like Hurley than anything else Ralph has done, even though the sonic similarities are vague at best. A very cool record by any standard. And ours are fucking high, champ. Enjoy."—Byron Coley, 2014; includes download code. Edition of 300.

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