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Mob Reality
7" $9.45


RIP 026 

***“I wanted to come up with a heaps sick little blurb for the debut 7" by Sydney's WHORES but I spent the last week dealing with sewerage issues in house and getting sick due to these issues so my brain is dead. Something along the lines of.... they've consistently been one of the best, most intense live bands I've seen over the last few years.... they really sum up the often ugly, hostile atmosphere of Sydney.... although they don't really sound that much like Feedtime or Venom P Stinger, I reckon they're taking the same devolutionary path... Recorded by ANDREW “Cured Pink” MCLELLAN.... ‘brutal’ (do people still say that?).... something about sounding like a ‘Before the Quarrel’ era Cro-Mags sharing a practice space with the Electric Eels.... Excellent record, make thy purchase once available...” Australian import.