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Heaven's Gonna Be A Blast!

Wilson Mckinley

Heaven's Gonna Be A Blast!

Lion Productions
LP $24.50

07/21/2015 778578315511 


***WAREHOUSE FIND!!! With beginnings firmly in the secular realm and a strong following in the Northwest, WILSON MCKINLEY signed to Alshire Records (home of 101 Strings) and recorded one album under the label's 'acid-rock' moniker, THE CALIFORNIA POPPY PICKERS. With the proceeds from those sessions, they self-released a 7" EP in 1970. But then they met street minister Carl Parks, gave up the rock 'n' roll lifestyle and effectively ended the first incarnation of the group. Parks encouraged the remaining band members to pick up their instruments again to create music for a street meeting, and thus the first 'Jesus Rock' group was born. Buoyed by the confidence developed during the Spirit Of Elijah sessions, Wilson McKinley's third LP from 1971 maintains the quality songwriting but adds even better production values. It was housed in a suitable-for-black-light jacket printed with neon inks. Sadly, after this there would be no more Wilson McKinley LPs, with their next release being the cassette-only Country In The Sky. Good news is that they made this dayglo-adorned proof of their rapidly-developing skills and musical interests before abandoning wax—Wilson McKinley's most adventurous effort, boasting entirely original tunes.

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