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WW 03 

***WITCH GARDENS are the Seattle-based project of BETH CORRY, SARA BEABOUT, KAROLYN KUKOSKI and CASEY CATHERWOOD. After a handful of cassettes and seven inches on a variety of labels, R-I-P is the newest chapter in the Witch Gardens narrative. Each of the EP’s three songs of love, friendship and identity are articulated through their trademark dreamy melodies, buoyant rhythms, resonant guitar/autoharp, and endlessly infectious charm. Recorded at The Pool with ALEX YUSIMOV and mastered by TIM STOLLENWERK, R-I-P showcases these young pop savants’ best songwriting to date. Featuring gorgeous cover art by the Witches’ own Sara Beabout & Casey Catherwood. Get on the broom! Digital Download Included Limited to 500 copies.

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