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***NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! Folk/psych space cadets previously allied with the GOLDEN CALVES/Polyamory axis, plus other rebels, freaks and prophets—all affected as deeply as if Jesus himself had reached his hand down the front of their pants. Xiao is laid thick with the Musik Für Alle vibe: primarily non-electric methods are used to melt down orange amplification, leaving everyone trippin' an' slippin' in the resulting goo. Over a backdrop of wet cardboard percussion and things bowed and plucked, WOODEN WAND sermonizes on the evils of fluoride and reads the poetry of anonymous inner city hoods. Hippies interested in Limbus, Siloah, Angus Maclise, Vibracathedral Orchestra, The Master QSH, sperm, Joe Jones, NNCK, etc., should be watched because they will shoplift this. With gorgeous full-color covers and liner notes by THURSTON MOORE, they'd be high not to try.