Pernice Brothers World Won’t End


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Label # DAD 117UPC 851680004006
Street DateNovember 20th, 2012

Released in 2001, three years after their lush, ornate and acclaimed Sub Pop debut, The Pernice Brothers’ The World Won’t End remains a master stroke of pop songwriting. The album was universally hailed for its elite-level literate pop and marriage of pathos-laden lyrical content with shimmering sonics. In their review, the AV Club noted that “Pernice Brothers could best be deemed a power pop group, but singer-songwriter Joe Pernice delivers his dark tales with such an overwhelming sense of heartbreak and resignation that the word ‘pop’ sounds inappropriate.” More centered on electric guitar than the band’s debut, World Won’t End places extra emphasis on Joe Pernice’s exquisite voice, which sits somewhere between Colin Blunstone’s raspy croon and Elliott Smith’s breathy whisper, and keen, evocative, storytelling. He’s a sympathetic singer, full of hope and purity, who can turn tales love, romantic frustration and depression into celebrations of real human moments.  The record is full of classic songs, each adorned with layered arrangements: the perfect pop of “Working Girls”; the painfully nostalgic “Our Time Has Passed”; the harrowing “Flaming Wreck”; the lush, narcotic “Endless Supply.” The production displays a genuine appreciation for the soft-rock textures pioneered by Todd Rundgren, ELO and ’70s era Beach Boys and was described by the NME as “bringing instruments and melodies together in (remarkably lush) harmony.” The World Won’t End is widely regarded as a high-water mark for Americana and progressive power pop. Its expertly crafted, yet organic-feeling songs have influenced countless songwriters and continue to garner extreme devotion from an ever-growing legion of fans.  “An eleven-track moment of clarity ... slathered in sunburnt harmonies, inspirational string arrangements and a keen sense of pathos.” —NME (8/10 rating)