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Dream Machine
LP $17.50


DE 029 

***X RAY POP are the synth-pop duo of DOC PILOT and ZOUKA DZAZA from Tours, France. They got their start in the no wave art group BOCAL 5 in 1981 and split off in 1984 to focus on their own brand of quirky synthesized electronics. Influenced by Erik Satie, Brigitte Bardot, Suicide and Young Marble Giants, they call their music "minimum naive new wave." Armed with a Casio PT-20 keyboard and a rudimentary Yamaha MR10 drum machine they recorded their demo cassette and first 7-inch "Eurasienne / La Machine à Rêver" in 1984. Upgrading their synthesizers and adding some saxophone and guitar, they recorded the "Alcool / Amazone" 7-inch in 1985 and the  "DS / El Gato" 7-inch in 1986.The Dream Machine collects X Ray Pop’s first three 7-inch singles plus eight songs from their demo cassette, never released on vinyl before. Their songs are short, concise and well structured; richly textured, moving at a quick speed with hardly a pause. The demos show a sense of humor, vitality and carefree playfulness.  Zouka's pouting, tongue-in-cheek vocals (sung in French) come together for a catchy, sensuous, danceable, eccentric psychedelic ride. Reminiscent of the Mo-dettes, early OMD or Algebra Suicide, X Ray Pop could be the missing link to Stereolab. All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley directly from the original master tapes. Each LP comes in a neon yellow jacket with an 8-page booklet full of unreleased photos, original artwork and lyrics. 28 years later, this is the first time since the original issue that the songs of X RAY POP are reappearing on vinyl again, but is the world ready?

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