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Holy Mountain / Intercoastal Artists

Known for his recent collaborative record with Sun Araw and The Congos, not to mention as a member of Robedoor, Pocahaunted and a host of other bands, M. Geddes Gengras steps out on his own for a proper full-length, operating under his god-given name. Here Gengras lets loose with two LP sides of sprawling synthscapes. Test Leads calls to mind Klaus Schulze’s Dune album or perhaps the Dune soundtrack scored by Toto and Brian Eno, but will also appeal to fans of Conrad Schnitzler and Manuel Gottsching, as well as Robert Hampson (Loop, Main), Bill Laswell, Roger Eno and Nurse With Wound. Thrown into the mix is some Sky Records / Wolfgang Riechmann-style (cold) poppiness. In a contemporary setting, Gengras could share a bill with anyone from the modern indie / pop / weirdo / drone scenes and fit right in. His suites range from odd pinball-esque plinking to cold, dystopian soundscapes, touching on all points between; Test Leads would sound good alongside releases on Mordant Music, Touch Music or Innovative Communication. These tracks could easily score the original Tron, The Black Hole or just about any episode of Nova.

LP $16.00

11/27/2012 655035699011 

HOLY 1990 / IA 005 

MP3 $6.99

11/27/2012 655035699011 


***The new songs on the YOUNG PRISMS 7-inch for Intercoastal Artists could have been exhumed from Creation Records chilly grave.  The A Side, ‘Apartment Song (prequel,)’ sounds like an amalgam of Creation’s noisier output.  Bobby Gillespie drumming with Slowdive guitar but with almost a High Rise-type feel.  That is until the bass kicks in, borrowing something from Peter Hook circa, well, it doesn’t matter, it sounds like Peter Hook on bass.  The B side, ‘Apartment Song (sequel,)’ sounds more contemporary.  Contemporary in its devotion to the 1970s-from krautrock to Fripp & Eno’s 1970s ambient suites No Pussyfooting and Evening Star.  It sounds like a nude version  of My Bloody Valentine’s opus (my opinion) “Glider”.  Good luck picking a favorite side on this little record."   

7" $6.75


IA 003 

MP3 $1.98



VINYL VERSION INCLUDES DIGITAL DOWNLOAD COUPON FEATURING THREE ADDITIONAL TRACKS!!!   Future Shuttle is a Greenpoint, NYC-based duo (sometimes trio) comprised of Jessa Farkas and Camilla Padgitt-Coles. Prior to the group’s early 2009 conception, the pair studied electronic music at Oberlin College alongside their friends in Blondes and Teengirl Fantasy. Blondes member Sam Haar also produced the Water’s Edge EP, the group’s first officially released recording. In Future Shuttle’s beautifully dense brew of psychedelic reprogramming, Tangerine Dream meets the KLF at the UFO Club, and their three-track debut layers distant chants, drones and throbbing, time-frozen strings on top of each other, swelling gradually to a pining, beautifully textured crescendo. As Visitation Rites put it recently: “Discover their mile-long pillow-scapes in higher resolution, revealing an attention to texture and dynamic variation that can only come from losing track of time inside the studio, trapped inside your own spell.”

12" $12.00

08/30/2011 655035698410 

HOLY 1984 / IA 002 

MP3 $5.94