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Warm Evenings, Pale Mornings: Beside You Then by Dailey, Caleb

Dailey, Caleb

Warm Evenings, Pale Mornings: Beside You Then
Moone Records

***Growing up in the Californian sprawl and the vast suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, Caleb Dailey largely dismissed the country and western music that surrounded him.?! Instead, he was drawn to independent rock, experimental zones, and other genre-defying forms, which led him to create skewed rock music with Bear State and establish the “minimal art label” Moone Records with his brother Micah Dailey in 2013.?! But in the early half of the 2010s, Dailey began to hear things differently.?! Drawn into the left-of-center works of artists like Gram Parsons and Blaze Foley, a more idiosyncratic take on country, folk, and roots music began to swirl in his imagination.  Wandering into the form’s cowboy chords and lonesome scenes, Dailey found himself wondering what his own country album might sound like.?! The result is his debut solo album, a collection of covers called Warm Evenings, Pale Mornings; Beside You Then.?!

LP $28.00


MR 049 / N80 

***Ever Ending Kicks is the solo project of Paul Frunzi (Mount Eerie, New Issue/Hungry Cloud Darkening) of Anacortes, Washington— a trodden and quaint island community basically absent from anything resembling a music scene.?! Trading manual labor for the time and the expertise of recordist Nicholas Wilbur (Angel Olsen, LAKE), Ever Ending Kicks offers a new album called Small.?! These 11 songs explore a faltering emotional path to forgiveness in a drawn out love triangle involving a mentor.?! The narrator struggles to escape a cartoonish and sticky anger— sometimes totally stepping in it, other times zooming out beyond the realm of individuality to get some relief from it..?!

LP $20.50


MR 053 

***Los Angeles musician and composer Aaron M Olson will be releasing Songs Album on Moone Records 11/9/2021.?! The matter-of-factly titled Songs Album is a more complex and ornate affair than its title belies – full of vibrant and lush hi-brow arrangements, reminiscent at times of the pop/rock outings of Jack Nitzsche or Jim O'Rourke, while recalling in glimpses the pastoral moodscapes of Robert Wyatt.?! As a student of composition (literally has a B.A.?! in classical music) and an astute listener, Olson’s approach to pop music is delicate, slow churning, and intelligently crafted, yet his results are undeniably scrappy.?!

MC $9.25



The Punishment Zone by Freelove Fenner

Freelove Fenner

The Punishment Zone
Moone Records

***Montreal art pop group Freelove Fenner release their long-awaited album, The Punishment Zone.?! The 14-song collection is an exercise in pleasing sounds, diaphanous textures, and concise song structure.?! The group listened to a century's worth of experimental, often cacophonous sounds and reshaped it into a mellow pop music.?! The group’s workshop is the strictly analog Bottle Garden Studio, a small room full of tape machines and homemade equipment that is integral to the group’s sound and process.?! Avoiding 21st century technology not out of any sort of snobbery or nostalgia but rather a desire to avoid the work habits inherent with contemporary tools, the band embraces the different results that come with a slower, more tactile process: the happy accidents; the absence of visual stimuli (no screens); the difficulty in attaining high gloss finishes..?!

LP $19.50


MR 040 

Fantastic Life by Helvetia


Fantastic Life
Moone Records

***In 2005 after the break up of legendary slow-core band, DUSTER, and throughout his tenure playing with BUILT TO SPILL over the past decade, HELVETIA has been the primary creative output of JASON ALBERTINI.?! In January of 2020, Helvetia quietly uploaded a new album titled Fantastic Life to bandcamp.?! Their first new music since 2017’s Sunchaser EP.?! Albertini returned to his roots and recorded/produced this album entirely on a 4-track cassette recorder.?! Fantastic Life is a slow churning wave with bursts of agitated fits.?! The aesthetic feels as if it is cut from the same cloth as their 2007 album The Acrobats.?! Woozy off-kilter experimentation littered with moments of sweetness and pop gems.?! Albertini’s guitar playing and effortless vocal performances have always lived in another plain.?! Everything is loosely tied together but elegant.?! Even if everything fell apart, it would be embraced.?!

LP $19.50


MR 043 

***CAUSTICS is YASI PERERA (BREEZY DAYS BAND, PARK DETAILS) on voice/electronics, JOSIAH WOLF (WHY?) on drums/percussion, DEVIN HOFF (JULIA HOLTER, GOOD FOR COWS) on acoustic and electric basses and JOHN DIETERICH (DEERHOOF, GORGE TRIO) on guitars/voice/electronics.?! This unlikely assemblage of personalities (some of which had never met before the first session) was created as a vehicle for exploring a spontaneously and collectively invented ritual music, a conduit for the casting of spells.?! Through the multiple recording sessions represented on Touch, the group turned the lights out and agreed to try to forget what music was in service to this simple idea.?! Sounds bleed into each other, meeting in some unrecognizable space.?! Voices float in and out, emotive yet never quite intelligible.?! Gestures are limited in breadth but achieve an otherworldly power in their simplicity.?!

MC $8.50



Wendy Kraemer EP by Lithics


Wendy Kraemer EP
Moone Records

***LITHICS is a four piece punk band from Portland, Oregon.?! Since their inception in 2014 they have crafted concise and sharp recordings for labels like Water Wing, Kill Rock Stars, and Thrilling Living.?! While avoiding the trappings of historical reenactment, Lithics remain solidly informed by the sounds and conceptual underpinnings of late '70s post punk, as well as the obscure logic of proto art rockers Red Crayola and Captain Beefheart.?! The songs are composed of tightly wound bass lines perfectly in sync with unwavering/uncluttered drums, piercing duel guitar riffs, and singer ABUREY HORNOR's calm and disaffected vocal delivery.?! The Wendy Kraemer EP was never supposed to be more than a homemade tape that accompanied them on their 2017 tour.?! The EP is comprised of audio collage, practice demos and improvisations that eventually took full form for their Sophmore album, Mating Surfaces.?! However, these recordings have a life of their own.?!

12" $15.25


MR 039 

***Since the '90s, KYLE FIELD has been crafting non-traditional fusions of warm alt-country and dreamy folk music under the moniker LITTLE WINGS.?! Inspired by surreal aspects of his life on the American west coast, his songwriting weaves amusing wordplay through tales of unknown legends, deep inner reflections, and fantastic descriptions of seaside cities and landscapes.?! Through the years, Kyle’s music and art have proven his prestige as a singular patron of coastal Americana.?! In 2002, Little Wings released an album called Wonderue, the first of several early collaborations with acclaimed independent label K Records.?! Wonderue reinforced Kyle’s knack for loosely structured, yet deeply resonant compositions.?! Each recording on the album had a way of welcoming listeners in to reflect and sing along as if in the company of his band.?!

LP $19.50


MR 038 

Will I See You / Time Waits For No One by Kelley, Lonna

Kelley, Lonna

Will I See You / Time Waits For No One
Moone Records

***LONNA KELLEY (CHERIE CHERIE, GIANT SAND) is undoubtedly the queen of the underground.?! Anyone in-the-know would agree.?! She’s self-released albums since the early 00s.?! Quietly developing into a singular voice.?! In 2015, Lonna self-released Take Me Home Spiderman.?! This album was something of an awakening.?! A fully realized sound.?! A hot pot boiling over with lush pop melodies of the '60s and '70s, brutally honest lyricism, minimal instrumentation, and harsh noise.?! This album garnered praise by WFMU’s legendary music director, Brian Turner.?! This led to heavy play on the influential radio station, which caused the limited pressing of the album to quickly go out of print.?!

7" $7.25


MR 036 

But A Night That Ends, As All Nights End, When The Sun Rises by Dorji, Tashi

Dorji, Tashi

But A Night That Ends, As All Nights End, When The Sun Rises
Moone Records

***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! TASHI DORJI is a celebrated free-form/improvisational guitarist.?! Born and raised in Bhutan, but transplanted to Ashville, NC in the early 2000s.?! He is a musical force that is in a caliber of his own.?! The amount of originality in his playing could have only been summoned when one is forced to confront limitations and raise a big middle finger to the ‘status quo’.?! He is known to focus his attention heavily on tonal qualities over melody.?! Mellow harmonics that integrate interference of seemingly random items (such as a paperclip) turn into aggressive spasms and abrupt stops.?! He utilizes the silence and space between the notes, as if it is an instrument itself.?! Tashi’s latest album but a night that ends, as all nights end, when the sun rises is pieced together in a non-linear/non-hierarchical form.?! Every segment equal part fragile and intense.?!

LP $16.00


MR 035 LP 

MC $7.85


MR 035 

***Maher Shalal Hash Baz and Little Wings’ split LP Share brings together two highly idiosyncratic Japanese and US musicians.?! “We recently started working with Kyle Field post meeting in Phoenix while he was on tour with Big Thief,” says Moone’s Caleb Dailey.?! “Simultaneously, we have been working on multiple projects with [Maher Shalal Hash Baz leader] Tori Kudo over the past year.?! People who are aware of them both know that there isn’t anyone quite like either of them.?! They have singular musical visions and expression.?! We’ve been listening to them side by side for years and saw a unique connection between them long ago.?! With our newly formed friendships, we had the opportunity to help bring together the collaboration.”  Japanese musician Kudo and North American folk singer Field are both prolific recording artists in their own respective DIY scenes.?!

LP $19.25


MR 034 

***STROBE TALBOT formed in 1999 in Portugal.?! Its members have never lived anywhere near each other at any point since then, yet they remain friends.?! Through its 18 years as an ensemble, Strobe Talbot has only become itself to ever-greater degrees.?! Their latest album, Funland, provides ample evidence to support this assertion.?! It can and will be said that at least ⅔ of Strobe Talbot are better known for other things.?! JAD FAIR is renowned for his wide-ranging musical collaborations (Teenage Fanclub, Danielson, R.?! Stevie Moore, Yo La Tengo, et al.) and his visual art, but he leads and sings for HALF JAPANESE—a group originally formed in 1974 with his brother, David, but vital and productive (with different members) to this day.?!

LP $24.95


MR 032