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Stupid Music For Stupid People by Hawkbaby


Stupid Music For Stupid People
My Mind's Eye

***The debut full length LP from whacko Clevo punkers Hawkbaby. This time more of a Wall of Voodoo meets Dangerhouse Records mix than KBD. Features members of Inmates, Darvocets, Sockeye, Folded Shirt, Shit Blimp, Cider, Ruiners, Hyper As Hell, Wetbrain, Brainwashed Youth, Flyin' Trichecos, Magic City, Party Plates, Pine Taar, Boy In Love;, Breathilizor, Brody's Militia, Fossil Fuel, Funerary Box, Kill The Hippies, Prosthetic Youth, Sockeye, Spastic Amoebas, Spawn Of Satan, The Lettuce Vultures, The Toughskins, The TV Watchers, and a billion other bands over the last 35 years or so. Back cover art is way better than the stupid front. 45 RPM LP with insert.

LP $14.50



***Shaun from Annihilation Time, Midnight, Nun Slaughter, Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, Puncture Wound, Wetbrain... one man Metal/Punk project. Title track (better analog specific mix on the 7") features a solo from mega ripper Graham Clise (Annihilation Time, Witch, Lecherous Gaze...). 3 songs with fancy stickered cover and insert.

7" $7.50



***BACK IN STOCK!!!  The four-song 12-inch EP that never was finally is. Classic early MIDNIGHT rippers recorded circa 2004 but never issued as their own release, until now. Features the track "Lord In Chains," "Strike Of Midnight," "Take You To Hell," and "On The Wings Of Satan." Mastered Loud'N'Proud at 45 rpm! Edition of 500 copies.

12" $14.75



Emblamatic Picasso Banshee Of Chaos Destructiors by Breathilizor


Emblamatic Picasso Banshee Of Chaos Destructiors
My Mind's Eye

***Dumb. No, dumber than that. Well, actuallly it's genius. 3 new tracks of metal doom death. Includes the 37-minute magnum crapus "Future Invasion Of Robotic Mayhem." Is it psychedelic? Is it Space Doom? Is it Modern Composition meets Musique Concrete? Is it fun? It sure is Heavy Metal! All from the sick minds of FOOD FORTUNATA (SOCKEYE, THE GRATEFUL DEAD KENNEDYS, LETTUCE VULTURES, TOUGHSKINS, TV WATCHERS, Z.A.T.H. and a few hundred more) and MATT "POOPU NECROPNDE" LINDSAY (Sockeye, BOY IN LOVE, THE BRIDES, BRODY'S MILITIA, FOSSIL FUEL, HEP-Z, HYPER AS HELL, KILL THE HIPPIES, SHIT FRIED WALNUTS, SPASTIC AMOEBAS, ZITSQUATCH and a few hundred more). 200 copies made with full lyric sheet stuffed inside like a corpse in a burrito.

CDR $6.00



Animal Of Disrespect by Spike Pit

Spike Pit

Animal Of Disrespect
My Mind's Eye

***From under the salt mines below Lake Eerie, these battle mutants spew forth. Miscreants screaming hate and woe. Hardcore idiocy ensues. "Those guys are real cavemen!”—Dave Atkins

LP $13.25



You Girl / Lonely by Society, The

Society, The

You Girl / Lonely
My Mind's Eye

***BACK IN STOCK!!! Fuzzed-out blaster 'You Girl' and the brooding 'Lonely' by Lakewood, Ohio's previously unheard garage punk greats, the SOCIETY. Starting out in 1966 but not recording until June, 1967 at the legendary Cleveland Recording in hopes of a record deal, this never released single is presented here from the master multi track tapes in a 100% analog pressing with full color insert, band biography and photos. The band would change it's name in 1968 to THE DAMNATION OF ADAM BLESSING and go on to release 4 albums, the first two being regarded as hard rock milestones of the highest order, and over half a dozen singles on United Artists Records starting in 1969. My Mind's Eye is proud to present this early crude punker that foreshadows their later hard rock greatness.

7" $10.25



***1979 Cleveland Punk genius 300 black vinyl pressed.   "And then there were Bernie and the Invisibles. I toured with this guy one time and he got mad at us and walked all the way home from Columbus to Cleveland, Ohio which is about two hundred miles. His mercurial nature was responsible for the fact that his only commercially released tracks were the live cuts on the two Cleveland Confidentials. When he first started playing out at CBGBs with the Talking Heads or in our home town with us and the Cramps, it was just him and the electric guitar, hence the band name Invisibles. Later, he got a couple of guys to play bass and drums and in fact recorded an entire album with Tony Maimone of Pere Ubu producing, featuring such classics as 'Chinese Church'and 'PCP.' Maybe somebody will have brains enough to put it out someday."—Mike Hudson

LP $13.75



Primer At This End – Rock And Roll Liberation Front – Mr. Fixit – Demos 1987 by Hyper As Hell

Hyper As Hell

Primer At This End – Rock And Roll Liberation Front – Mr. Fixit – Demos 1987
My Mind's Eye

***“Early '80s Ohio hardcore bands Plasma Alliance and Kein Krieg merged to form Hyper as Hell in the mid/late 80's. Crossover, thrash, Voivod, punk, and experimental bands of the time period were heavy influences. Pushing the limits, creating a "happening", and exploring new musical territory were accomplished. One of the most under- rated bands to EVER escape regular music archival history, they were usually an opening act for any of the national touring acts of the punk scene. They came from a time when some visionary artists had no designs on "getting signed" or trying to get involved in the buisness aspect of music. Sadly this also left Hyper as Hell as mainly mythological with very little video or audio records kept.” First pressing of 200 copies.

2XLP $28.25



In The Face Of The Death Of Death by Crunky Kids

Crunky Kids

In The Face Of The Death Of Death
My Mind's Eye

***Posthumous release by THE CRUNKY KIDS. A band that featured members of GAG REFLEX, 9 SHOCKS TERROR, INMATES, HYSTERIA, DECHE, BOMB BUILDER, GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS and others. Political / social lyrical content with a European/Japanese musical influence. This time the Crunkys even slow it down at times so you can catch your breath as you feel the brutality. 33 1/3rd rpm EP.

7" $7.25



Unruly King And I by Sockeye


Unruly King And I
My Mind's Eye

***23rd anniversary release of original "Retards Hiss Past My Window” sessions. The band with something to offend everyone and entertain no one. Innagural winners of the Trouser Press' worst band award. A few songs are out of order on the back of the sleeve; also, a few songs listed do not appear on the release, while a few songs that are on the release don't appear on the sleeve. Similarly, there are lyrics appearing in the insert for songs that don't appear on the album, as the band intended. Full length LP all on random deluxe color vinyl. Includes insert with liner notes from Food Fortunata and lyrics.

LP $15.00



***"This is technically an Italian band, but because it's on a local label and because vocal talent ANUS (aka ALESSANDRO) used to live here (and was in some cool local bands like FOLDE SHIRT, FLYIN' TRICECOS), I'm counting it as 'local-ish'. There was also a cassette release of this on Blow Blood Records a little while ago, but how complicated do you want this to be? Good punk rock, sorta Pagans-ish, definitely has the 70s punk feel going on. The head guy at the label who put this out (who also told me to 'stop quoting [him] in the reviews') said that it's like a cross between GRABBIES (another Anus band) and Folded Shirt, because of something to do with the drummer not being able to drum. Where was I going with this? I don't remember. Cool lyrics, too: 'At the pub I'm drinking late, I'm by myself not by mistake, I want alone but you want a debate, say 'What's wrong with ya, oi cheer up mate,' I'll smile when you die.' Well, maybe I should stop there. Don't wanna ruin the mystery... If you like any of the bands named previously in this review, or just good punk, maybe check this one out. 4/5"—Buzz Kompler, Lakewood Observer (Ohio).

7" $8.05