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***SUSPECT PARTS (current and former members of THE BRIEFS, CLOROX GIRLS, MANIAC, RIPCHORD, RADIO DEAD ONES and RED DONS) is the brainchild of two exiled Americans, one Brit and a German who managed to tame their inner demons with buzzsaw punk/powerpop, a cotton candy-meets-razorblade concoction that goes down surprisingly smooth. Combining '60s pop and bubblegum with late '70s California beach punk and powerpop, Suspect Parts have something brewing that can't be ignored. The Seeds, the Kinks, the Knack and the Buzzcocks can be heard, as well as a little Nuggets, a little Star Spangles or Rezillos, a little Protex or Undertones, but with a modern touch. Backward-looking but forward-thinking '60s pop with a punk edge. Suspect Parts have released four 7" singles worldwide on indie labels like Deranged, No Front Teeth, Taken By Surprise, Hovercraft, and House Party. A cassette tape of all 4 singles was also released on Seattle's GGNZLA label plus some outtakes and extras on Berlin's Tape of Die label. Now, their self-titled full-length debut album is finally here. Recorded straight to analog tape in the negative 15 degree cold of a January in east Berlin. The album was engineered by SMALL SHOCK (of legendary Berlin punk band the Shocks). Ten songs, 24 minutes, a relentlessly catchy uppercut to the senses. No Export to Europe.

LP $12.00


OBR 016 

***Oops Baby Records are proud to unleash KITCHEN PEOPLE, Australia’s most hyperactive synth quintet, to the rest of the world via the group’s sophomore long player, Trendoid. From the very first moments of hearing Kitchen People, one will note that the band is VERY Australian, or “Australian as fuck” as the kids say these days; singer/guitarist JAKE's accent is thicker than slopped Vegemite, and yet, these guys could just as easily hail from space somewhere, spawned in some evil Martian scientist’s robot factory. “Bad Mate” the album opener and first single off of Trendoid is a less than 90 second rambunctious blast-off complete with scaling and falling synth progressions, staccato verse chants a la “White Light/White Heat” and rocketing floor toms. The track is a laundry list of shitty things friends do to each other, but you can tell these guys are close buds, er, mates. It’s a tremendous way to launch an album. Tracks like “Physical Reaction,” “Psychedelic White People,” and “They Showed Me Things,” will have listeners rapidly nodding their heads like some glitching cyborg, bopping in agreement to the record’s overall humorously cynical lyrical content. All twelve tracks here are nothing less than punk rock ’n roll. Nay, it’s clear there’s something more here. Therefore it’s no surprise that the year’s first great punk record is brought to us by Oops Baby Records, who not only dare to appreciate great music far from center, but also have a proven track record of bringing the best in rock...

LP $12.00



Action Breeze by Tough Shits

Tough Shits

Action Breeze
Oops Baby

*It’s been four too-long years since their debut LP on Burger and Colonel Records, but Philadelphia’s TOUGH SHITS are back with a brand new single, "Action Breeze" b/w "Adult Fantasy," This brand-new 45 RPM release is available through Oops Baby Records, protectors and proponents of the best rock ‘n’ roll music today, featuring cover art by famed illustrator and all-around nice guy AVI SPIVAK. This one is not just for the Tough Shit heads, but for fans of crazy rock music everywhere. The "Action Breeze" is here and it will BLOW YOU AWAY!

7" $6.75


OBR 014 

***With members hailing from GENTLEMEN JESSE AND HIS MEN, BEAT BEAT BEAT, and THE HISS, Atlanta quintet the BARRERACUDAS deliver a perfect blend of powerdirtbag-pop and dirty 70s glam. Can Do Easy, on Oops Baby Records is the long-awaited follow up LP to their critically acclaimed crowd-pleaser debut LP Nocturnal Missions from Douchemaster Records. With 12 tracks packed into 31 minutes, Can Do Easy is a testament to the band’s catchy-as-hell songwriting skills that triumph in brevity, all with that sense of wise-guy lyricism that only the ‘Cudas could produce. These are numbers that can be sung along to on the first listen through, including a revamped version of last year’s Promises single, which got much airplay through the fine folks at WFMU—rising to #1 on the WFMU charts—and beyond. Here is the summer’s most fun album, from the foot-stomping opener of “The Jerk” to the humorous howl of “Shampoo” to the hip-shaking melodies of “Diet Coke”… these are songs to which audiences will no-doubt raise fists, raise hell and restart their love affair with rock ‘n’ roll.

LP $11.75


OBR 013 

***With members hailing from GENTLEMAN JESSE AND HIS MEN, BEAT BEAT BEAT, and THE HISS, Atlanta quintet the BARRERACUDAS deliver a perfect blend of power-dirtbag-pop and dirty ‘70s glam. “Promises” (7”) on Oops Baby Records is the long-awaited follow up single to their critically acclaimed crowd pleaser debut LP Nocturnal Missions from Douchemaster Records. The A-side “Promises” has been a long-time staple of the ‘Cudas’ raucous live-set and B-side “Young and Dumb” brings nonstop bubblegum hooks that’ll be stuck in your head long after the record stopped spinning.

7" $6.75


OBR 012 

***DIRTY FENCES from New York City sling ‘70s street-level punk rock and roll. Tommy Ramone beat. Harmonies. Tons of vocals. From fast slasher power pop tunes to country ballads to Eddie Cochran style parents­just­dont­understand sex rock and roll, they know their stuff and have a lot of fun with it. They're tight on record and on the stage. The boys are always on the road. Catch them somewhere in the US or Europe.

7" $6.75


OBR 011 

***Brooklyn’s HECTOR’S PETS make catchy pop songs for deadbeats and derelicts, and have a killer debut LP, Pet-O-Feelia, on Oops Baby Records, with a cassette release to follow on Burger Records. These guys have an aesthetic straight out of a comic book for awesome party dudes. Think Hawaiian shirts with leather jackets. Pet-O-Feelia is fuzzy lo-fi garage power-pop gems with non-stop hooks, serious guitars, and ooh-la-la surf-and-beater sports car choruses, expertly mixed by DAVE RAHN. This record is perfect for skipping school and getting stoned in a van in the ‘70s. The sound may be retro, but make no mistake: 2014 is the Year of the Pets.

LP $11.25


OBR 010 

***DINOS BOYS first emerged in Brooklyn, NY in 2011 led by DANNY SONG. They had put their first song on a compilation with Oops Baby Records. Soon after Danny moved back to Atlanta and reformed the group, bringing in CHASE NOLES, former lead singer of THE HEART ATTACKS, MIKE KOECHLIN from PREDATOR and BEAT BEAT BEAT, and MATT MCCALVIN, formerly of GRINGO STAR. With their new solid line up, Dinos Boys have been dominating the Atlanta garage punk scene and got noticed by Mark of Die Slaughterhaus Records (Black Lips, Gentleman Jesse, Coathangers). In 2012 they put their first 7inch out with Die Slaughterhaus. Now in 2014 they're gearing up for their debut LP, a co-release from Oops Baby & Die Slaughterhaus. Dinos Boys just wanna bring back that old ‘77 timeless punk sound.

LP $11.25


OBR 009 

***Punk icon SONNY VINCENT has been making music for well over 30 years going back to his legendary band, the TESTORS. He’s played CBGB’s and Max’s Kansas City in bands with the likes of Wayne Kramer, Bob Stinson, Cheetah Chrome, Lou Reed, Scott Asheton, Captain Sensible and many others from the annals of American punk. On Totally Fucked, a three-track 7” on Oops Baby Records, Sonny’s back with three new tracks that are fast, loud and just as dangerous as you’d expect from this living legend. If you like your punk rock raw and real, pick up this record. They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore. Edition of 400 copies on black vinyl.

7" $6.30


OB$ 008 

(Some Of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts by Livids


(Some Of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts
Oops Baby

***A new four-track EP from new Brooklyn punk outfit LIVDS featuring ERIC DAVIDSON (NEW BOMB TURKS), JAMI WOLF (ZODIAC KILLERS, DANIEL KELLEY (DEAD RINGERS, COMPLAINTS, PAPER BAGS), GREG COLLINS (RADIO 4) and JOI LA COUR. Packaged with artwork by TIMMY VULGAR. Edition of 500 copies.

7" $6.30


OBR 008 

Pa Que Vives by Davila 666

Davila 666

Pa Que Vives
Oops Baby

***After exploding onto the garage and punk scenes with the release of their eponymous album (In the Red, 2008), DAVILA 666 have been killing it in front of spastic audiences worldwide. With a relentless touring schedule and the release of their slightly more psychadelic 2nd LP, Tan Bajo (in the Red, 2011), these Puerto Rican party starters have been getting rave reviews from critics and fans alike. Though they’ve been referred to as the Puerto Rican Black Lips, we prefer to think of them more like the Ramones and Stiv Bators getting drunk together on a beach in San Juan. On their lateste release, Pa Que Vives), Davila 666 dig into the vaults to some of their earliest stuff. Recorded in 2008 before they had access to proper publishing, this two track 7” (Pa Que Vives b/w Sera Sera) is truly classic Davila 666.

7" $6.30

03/20/2012 881034893604 

OBR 006