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Issue # 1 - 2024 by Record Time

Record Time

Issue # 1 - 2024
Record Time

***Record Time is a new print-only music magazine that focuses on obscure, unusual, forgotten and neglected records, not collectibles or rarities, but great records that can be had without shelling out max cash. The debut arrives right when interest in records is at a 30-year high and is growing across generations. Record Time is about the wonderful world of records, specifically unusual, obscure, forgotten and neglected slabs of plastic that all of us can afford. Rather than focus on holy grails of the most expensive kind or $$$ reissues, Record Time scours bargain bins, garage sales, and those corners of record stores that only the most diehard music freaks dig through – and what we find are wonderful records that are too often passed by even though they are usual cheap (or at least much less than your average $30 reissue). In that spirit, Record Time #1 does a deep dive into the crazy history of Plastic Bertrand’s “Ca Plane Pour Moi”, the biggest international hit single in punk history, its roots in novelty music, Elton Motello’s contribution to the song, and the dozens of cover versions, answer songs, rip-offs and exploitations the song inspired. Also in issue one: A cruise through the music and career of Hansadutta Swami, the Hari Krishna “machine gun guru” and failed rock star; a dip into controversial politico/musician Harvey Matusow and his Jew’s Harp Band; the Surfsiders, a fake surf band that included a young Lou Reed; Alquin and the Dutch prog rock scene...

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04/05/2024 657628443681 

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