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***Medical Records / Transfusions is excited to showcase the return of DERIVATIVES (JOSH ROSE, Vancouver, BC). Just as a challenging equation stimulates the mind, these four cuts will carry you through the provocative landscapes and exercise your analytical cogs with precision and grace. Waveforms and beats are the currency of trade and from the speculations on these dubbed out honing missiles, good times are ahead. Buy low and never sell. Q.E.D.

12" $10.50

06/14/2019 810017640324 

MRT 016 

***The second in a series of EPs by MARK VAN HOEN's LOCUST project. Continuing in the vein of Mark’s signature interpretation of techno, Green also has a few other surprises in store for us including an only slightly glossier vibe this time around without compromising the heavy-hitting dance floor anthems. Special mention of the final track “Arch Enemy” which immediately reminds us of why we are enamored with the work of Locust in the first place. Ongoing stunning artwork by PAUL NICHOLSON as well (designer of the new Locust logo as well as a history of other groundbreaking artwork in his repertoire).

12" $10.50

06/14/2019 810017640317 

MRT 015 

***CITIZEN:KANE (MARCO GUERRA) is a producer based in Lisbon. He is a member of FUNGO, an artist collective and label which performs mostly in the Portuguese capital city and its surrounding scene. His influences are diverse, but acid is probably the one that stands out the most in his music. Here we have four intense and focused techno burners that result in a marriage of old-school acid and modern elements sure to fit snugly into the intricate DJ set of those with discriminating taste. Transfusions work horse right here.

12" $13.25

02/08/2019 814867029193 

MRT 013 

***MARK VAN HOEN (prior jaunts in SEEFEEL, SCALA, AUTOCREATION,among others) as LOCUST emerges with the first of a series of EPs for Medical/Transfusions that dive into unadulterated techno spaces that you were clearly not prepared for. Four powerful weapons start this series with sounds and textures that clearly incorporate Locust’s indescribable signature that we have all fallen in love with but take the dance floor to an undisclosed locale where deep vibes transfix our minds into pure bliss. Armed with a new razor sharp identity and vision, we are in for an adventure. Completely new Locust logo and extra special sleeve artwork masterminded by PAUL NICHOLSON (original Aphex Twin artwork visionary). This is serious.

12" $13.25

02/08/2019 814867029209 

MRT 014 

***Hot on the heels of his full length The Totality on Medical/Transfusions, GAVIN GUTHRIE (this time as TX CONNECT) delivers three of his most ambitious cuts for our listening pleasure. Conceptualized as a document to a very special night in Texas during the early winter of 2018, TX Connect raises the temperature utilizing acid heat in these three otherworldly cuts that fully illustrate the analog brilliance and multi-focal dance floor dazzling that his reputation always delivers. For the ones who missed out on that awe-inspiring Mutant Wave party, here is your chance to teleport to a place that won’t soon be forgotten. Mutated sound waves and dance floor intensity are in full effect.

12" $13.25

02/08/2019 814867029186 

MRT 012 

***Medical Records presents the eleventh release in our Transfusions 12” singles series. GUILT, the collaborative project of New York City based artists, OLIVER CHAPOY and NATHANIEL YOUNG, is the result of two recording sessions during the spring of 2017. Their self-titled debut perfectly illustrates their shared taste for cold and dissonant synth programing across 3 driving dance-floor ready cuts all rounded off by an unhinged remix from The Bunker New York’s Løt.te. The material focuses on blurring the lines between texture and melody and exploring the tonal qualities that result. For fans of labels such as Perc Trax, Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, Rodz-Konez, and Sonic Groove.

12" $15.00

09/07/2018 814867027779 

MRT 011 

Game Of Tones by Phaedrus


Game Of Tones

***PHAEDRUS is the monikor of Dutch DJ and producer JORIS KAMMA who currently resides in Seattle. Drawing from multiple techno and house influences in the early nineties, Joris developed his own unique aesthetic best described as deep and quirky sounds always combined with a strong groove. For this special Transfusions release, Joris has crafted 4 minimal yet powerful techno weapons that are sure to bend the minds and heighten the energy of the crowd in the way that only perfect techno can. Simply put, this is classic techno at it’s finest!

12" $15.00

09/07/2018 814867027762 

MRT 010 

Chutes And Ladders by Archivist


Chutes And Ladders

***ARCHIVIST (ALEX MARKEY) is a producer residing in Seattle (Transfusions and Medical’s home). He is a member of the thriving and diverse SECONDNATURE collective and is a prominent producer and DJ in the Seattle and surrounding scene. Archivist presents four new tracks that take his signature dense textural sound into somewhat new darker territory resulting in 4 excellent pounding cuts and superb DJ tools. This 12” follows other Archivist releases on Blankstairs and MOTOR. Presented on 160-gram black vinyl.

12" $15.00

06/16/2017 814867024273 

MRT 005 

***BACK IN STOCK!!! UK producer MARTIN JENKINS needs no introduction. Under his more commonly known aliases (PYE CORNER AUDIO, HEAD TECHNICIAN, and more), he has mystified fans with his unique brand of synthesist nostalgia with numerous releases on Ghost Box, More Than Human, and Further Records. For this special 12”, Martin revisits his past influences and crafts his first techno record. His fine-tuned programmer and production skills blind us with these 4 tracks of stomping dance floor killers. It’s a totally new thing for Martin and can be best described as straight up techno utilizing the Pye Corner Audio sound palette. Dive in and get lost.

12" $15.00

06/16/2017 814867024280 

MRT 006 

***British producer RICHARD SMITH creates genre-bending techno that incorporates motifs from the past while presenting the tunes in a definite forward advancing trajectory. By integrating influences from '90s electronic music and classics such as DAF and Severed Heads, L/F/D/M presents four cuts that are sure to pique the interest of fans of modern techno who have an appreciation for IDM, classic Detroit techno and are searching for something to diversify their repertoire.

12" $15.00

04/21/2017 814867023511 

MEDT 004 

***Medical Records presents the third release in our Transfusions 12” singles series. CERTAIN CREATURES (born OLIVER CHAPOY) currently resides in Brooklyn NY and has a career dating back to the early '90s. Rooted in the Miami hardcore scene, Oliver’s music evolved into post-rock and even electronic pop (Warm Ghost). He began exploring electronics as Certain Creatures in 2013 with a 12” release on Styles Upon Styles with guest vocals from Stuart Argabright, which led him to produce the 2014 Black Rain comeback on Blackest Ever Black. In 2015, Oliver created a lush and enthralling LP Vipassana, also released on SUS. For this particular release on Transfusions, Oliver transcended the conventional borders of his prior releases by recording live takes with minimal editing to envisage a dirty, raw, haze-filled warehouse aesthetic. Mission accomplished! The 12” contains 5 tracks total of uncompromising techno, which we are ecstatic to unleash on the world. Presented on classic 160-gram black vinyl in Transfusions 12” sleeve. Crucial material for fans of Surgeon and Regis, as well as labels such as Downwards, Mote-Evolver and the like.

LP $15.00

09/02/2016 814867021999 

MRT 003 

Forwards, Futures, And Options by Derivatives


Forwards, Futures, And Options

***Medical Records presents the second release in our Transfusions 12” singles series. Not too far from Medical’s headquarters in Seattle, resides JOSH ROSE aka DERIVATIVES in Vancouver, BC. Known for intense live hardware sets, Derivatives has been making waves in the Pacific Northwest playing alongside multiple notable producers who have toured the area. Transfusions presents the first release by Derivatives containing 4 distinct and uncompromising tracks that could be loosely associated with minimal techno but with a more complex and certainly darker edge. The tracks were recorded late 2015 in Vancouver. For fans of labels such as Token, Mote-Evolver, and Avian, you should dive in. Presented on classic 160-gram black vinyl in our Transfusions 12” sleeve. Mastered by MARTIN BOWES at the Cage Studios, UK.

12" $14.75

06/03/2016 814867021166 

MRT 002 

***Medical Records presents the first in a series of 12" singles on the Transfusions sublabel. In Feb 2009, icon ALEXANDER ROBOTNIK (MAURIZIOO DAMI) and LUDUS PINSKY (LAPO LOMBARD) gathered in a room completely engulfed with vintage analog and modular synthesizers (many DIY). What resulted is an absolute brilliant session of pure unadulterated warm techno. Robotnick and Pinsky have deep musical backgrounds in dance music ranging from Italo disco, house, electro-disco, and much more. The project eventually became an album and a live performance. Featured here are the unique original soundtracks from the videos of these tracks which combined have amassed almost 500,000 views along with a remix of each track featured on this special 12”. The original soundtracks to the popular vidoes have never been released on vinyl. Contains over 30 minutes of pure techno perfection with a look towards the future yet performed on the tools from the past. Mastered by MARTIN BOWES at the Cage Studios, UK.

12" $15.00

03/04/2016 814867020954 

MRT 001