Allo Darlin' Reviewed By Rolling Stone.


Rolling Stone gave a 4 out of 5 star review of Allo Darlin's latest album Europe released last May on the Slumberland label.

Published June 18th 2012:
"You said a record is not just a record/Records can hold memories," Elizabeth Morris sighs on a wistful ballad called "My Sweet Friend." It’s an apt thesis for her U.K. band's second disc of sparkling indie-pop love songs. Morris' narrators use music to measure their lives: hunting for a bar that has Toots and the Maytals on the jukebox, missing a friend who loves the Silver Jews, cheering on a pal's riot-grrrl band. Allo Darlin's sound is key tracks: less scattered than those name-checks might "Capricornia," suggest, fitting squarely within a tradition "Neil Armstrong" that honors the Smiths and Belle and Sebastian above all. What sets them apart are Morris' understated wit – "They could name a star after you and you'd still be complaining," she sings on "Neil Armstrong" – and the clear enthusiasm of her bandmates, who hurtle through every jangly chord change like they're falling into a new romance. " - words by Simon Vozick-Levinson

Audio samples and purchasing options for Europe can be found HERE.