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Apostille is the solo musical guise of Glaswegian DIY protagonist Michael Kasparis. Initially a creative harbour from his groups Please and The Lowest Form, Apostille has grown into an explosive synth-punk project unafraid of both physicality and emotional leakage. Powerless is Kasparis’ first album proper, following exploratory works on Goaty Tapes and Clan Destine, and is Apostille’s first release on his own Night School Records. Fiercely independent in practice and execution, Apostille’s stated purpose is to bridge the gap between audience and performer, to connect through the fog of power structures and post-modernism; to ferment a direct pop music unconcerned with control. Powerless explodes with Life - a rage of brilliance that acts as a communal outlet of shared frustration and confusion at the world. At moments haiku-like mantras lament over a damaged industrial de-composition as in The Collector, at other times there’s a Depeche Modish fragility as in Side 2 opener Deserter. In warped, subterranean ballad Olivia’s Eyes an almost decapitated duet details criminal instincts, while live favourite Slurry demolishes proceedings with a Suicide-like take on Chicago house; a mammoth journey into the psyche of a ‘Falling Down’ prototype, lost in a world of perpetual motion, speeding up and uncaring. Touchstones of early Mute artists like Fad Gadget can be found in Apostille’s overwhelmingly physical live performances but like Tovey’s best work, or perhaps that of Crash Course in Science, there’s a depth on record that paints in more complex colours. Apostille is pop music from the outside looking...

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Wrong / The Road To War by Apostille


Wrong / The Road To War
Night School

Debut vinyl release from Apostille - aka Night School's Michael Kasparis' fractured pop utterances. Kaleidoscopic instrumentation and cracked synths frame two bona fide degraded pop songs centred around a lurking sense of misanthropy, albeit a misanthropy tempered with ecstatic tendencies. 'Wrong' is the mid paced groover for self-erasing western consciousness, possessing a chorus hook so insidious and fun it diverts from the content. 'The Road To War' takes a sisters of mercy in hypnagogia approach to anthems and produces a sing-a-long both unintelligible and seductively drenched in fervour and sweat.

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