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For over 20 years, Louisiana Music Hall of Famer Bill “Diamond” Davis has made his band Dash Rip Rock Louisiana’s edgiest cultural export. Recorded at the infamous Studio in the Country, Black Liquor effortlessly melds rock, swamp, garage and punk influences into one blistering guitar album with a haunting and quirky indie country ballad and pop voodoo paean rounding it out.  This full-length brings classic Dash back home with its straightforward songwriting, authentic roots and raw talent honed by years of touring—the future of Southern Rock here today.  “Skillful musicians with a penchant for getting reliably wild….” —New York Times  “Davis is the brains behind Dash’s brawn, a barroom poet with a wicked sense of humor and a shameless knack for a good lick.” —Austin Chronicle  “What lifts Dash Rip Rock’s album a head above most Southern Rock is Davis’s ability to write songs that do more than sell beer on a Saturday night.” —Washington Post

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11/13/2012 721616044928 

VIRUS 449 

Call of the Wild is a Southern party record--a tribute to all the insane theme bands that played the Deep South bar circuit back in the '70s. It mixes Stax-era dirty soul and rootsy garage punk with funky country rock and low country shag. Every song is about partying, being at a party or the characters you might meet at a party. Inspiration for these rowdy tunes comes from the Mar-Keys, Huey Smith and the Clowns, Swingin' Medallions, Doug Clark and His Hot Nuts, Southern Culture on the Skids, Mojo Nixon, Cowboy Mouth, Otis Day and the Nights, Archie Bell and the Drells and any other Southern band that has "and the" in their name. Singer / guitarist Bill Davis wrote the majority of the songs with primitive folk artist John Preble of UCM Museum ("Louisiana's Most Eccentric Museum") fame. They are studies in the art of Southern decadence and wild native abandon. In their 25 years of existence, Dash Rip Rock has played every imaginable sort of revel--house parties, pool parties, swamp parties, debutante parties, barn parties, farm parties, biker parties, cowboy parties, Mardi Gras balls, pot parties, ecstasy raves, LSD freakouts and beach blow-outs. Some were fun, wild and exciting, others creepy and terrifying. Through all the numerous days and nights of reckless drinking and excessive overindulgence, Dash never got around to making a "party record"--until now.

CD $12.00

08/03/2010 721616041828 

VIRUS 418 

Considering today's Red State/Blue State dialectic, you'd think Alternative Tentacles, with our "San Francisco values", and a Southern-fried party band from Baton Rouge (which translates to "RED stick"), Louisiana would be like oil and water, an assumption that couldn't be more wrong! AT and DASH RIP ROCK continue the joint enterprise that began with their twenty-year retrospective Recyclone (Virus 329) in 2005 with Hee Haw Hell, an all new album by the undisputed kings of Southern country punk. Hee Haw Hell blows any stereotypes about Red staters, punks and country rockers out of the water with the genius of its conceit: it's a country punk opera based on...Dante's Inferno! With spoken parts and good ol' rock-n-roll, DASH RIP ROCK tells the story of Donkey's tour of Hell (populated by ghosts of LYNRD SKYNRD and hippie jam bands) with Ol' Virg. As if a country-punkifi ed version of a 14th century Italian epic poem isn't over the top, guest stars MOJO NIXON and JELLO BIAFRA, among others, guarantee that Hee Haw Hell will be a thespian and musical piece de resistance. If you can party to a Southern rock legend and learn about Dante by osmosis at the same time, then what you got there is called a win-win situation.

CD $13.00

03/06/2007 721616037227 


After 20 years of legendary live shows and twelve albums that have been hailed as country punk classics, DASH RIP ROCK is still kickin’ ass as the undisputed kings of Southern Party Rock! The band started in Baton Rouge as a rockabilly trio, playing punk as if they were THE STRAY CATS, then belting out country standards as if they were SEX PISTOLS tunes, and have taken their hard-rockin’, hard-drinkin’ Southern-fried Rawk to dive bars and rock festivals relentlessly ever since! As evidenced on this compilation of outrageously raucous countrified rootsrock, DASH RIP ROCK have serious chops, but are intent on not taking life too seriously. This career-spanning compilation provides the perfect introduction to DASH RIP ROCK for the uninitiated, and a great drinking soundtrack for the band’s beer-hounding faithful. Bottoms up! “The time has come for the rest of the country to climb aboard and revel in (DASH RIP ROCK’s) barrage of crunchy guitars, toe-tappin’ beats, and amusing lyrics.”- Billboard Magazine

CD $9.25

03/22/2005 721616032925 


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