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Fossil Aerosol Mining Project

***Songs about the river are a common trope in the history of music. Psalms of being cleansed, being baptized, being redeemed. There are ballads of murder, lost love, jealousy, and all sorts of rank human emotion reflected in the surface of the water. Respect, praise, and worship of the river are other themes often channeled through music as well. Even in the realm of ambient music, digital mimesis of the aquatic is commonplace. FOSSIL AEROSOL MINING PROJECT, in their ongoing archaeological approach to a post-industrial sound design, offers their own variant on this topic with considerable differences. It is not only the sediment, the debris, the waste, the scum, the mud, and the rot that are the source materials in Scaath Catfish, but also what is preserved in those elements and new forms of life fostered in this conceptual framework. Sibilant mutations from Fossil Aerosol’s multiple sources (field recordings, found sounds, etc.) spill forth as dilated tones, mesmerizing echos, clattering loops, and harmonic distortions. Floods of dense sonic accretion give way to languid mirages with human intervention complicating matters. Fossil Aerosol gives a preternatural language to the river, one that parallels their occasional collaborators in :zoviet*france: as well as the environmental ruminations of Biospshere and the practitioners of power ambient (Rafael Anton Irisarri, Fennesz, Tim Hecker, etc.).

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***For over three decades now, the FOSSIL AEROSOL MINING PROJECT has patiently sifted through the damaged remains and bygone refuse from the late 20th century pop culture of America. Mining the snippets of audio found from abandoned drive-in theaters, mangled VHS tapes, and discarded cassettes, Fossil Aerosol studiously pieces together empathic, haunted abstractions of their original source material. their cryptic sound collages address the continued ramifications of the inherent paranoia from the cold war dissonance of stark morality and nuclear apocalypse. The Recounting of Night Time begins and ends with the scratchy melodies from a well-worn violin. echoes and their amplifications from this instrument gradually subsume the original amidst cascades of tape manipulations and time-delay techniques. This motif repeats through the album with profound emotional torpor through FOSSIL AEROSOL's hypnotic cycles of foggy ambience and back-masked rhythmic events that intertwine with varispeed-pitched dilations of melancholy melody. It makes for a beautifully corroded smear of sound, recalling the works of William Basinski and Fossil Aerosol’s occasional collaborators :zoviet*france:

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ADM 022 CD 

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  THE FOSSIL AEROSOL MINING COMPANY continues their post-industrial dialectics through their "songs of enhanced decay and faked resurrection." This cryptic ensemble from the American Midwest has been quietly producing such works since the '80s, with a deep catalogue highlighting a uniform brilliance in the exquisite reconstruction of exhumed cassette tapes and moldering 35mm film stock. On August 53rd, Fossil Aerosol has collaged their reclamations of found sounds into an inquisitive, dynamic cinema of the ear. The tape loops and recombinant samples create elliptical orbits and vertiginous spirals. Down-pitched, disquieting rumbles form the foundations for much of Fossil Aerosol’s compositions, which mutate the fractured, crumbled, and mildewed artifacts into patterned yet shifting phrases. The result seems like hybrid, time-compressed mimicry of the evolution of our media-driven language.  The official statement from the ensemble reads as such: "This album, arranged specifically for Helen Scarsdale, might be considered a prequel to The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971, featuring the damaged remains of certain pop culture pleasantries in a less decomposed state than found on the previous vinyl release. August 53rd, a month extended to accommodate a changing climate, predates the day 1982 contaminated 1971."  Such inquiries characterize the many non/fictions that contextualize the work of Fossil Aerosol. Through the process of decoding lost melodies and dialog of the 1960s, '70s, and '80s, Fossil Aerosol intentionally or unintentionally deflates the vanity of consumerism while at the same time providing an archaeological view of contemporary culture.  ...

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HMS 043 

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02/23/2018 655035181318 

HMS 043 

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02/23/2018 655035181318 

HMS 043 

***FOSSIL AEROSOL MINING PROJECT are an enigmatic lot, comprised of sonic archeologists residing the American Midwest. Their work spans several decades and is almost always in flux through the variable states of contextual re-investigation and technological degradation. Aesthetically, FAMP align with the post-industrial research of :zoviet*france:, Cranioclast and Robert Turman. Bacteria damaged tape loops, ghostly time-lag accumulation and the excavation of mediated sound from suburbia's failures are key components to the Fossil Aerosol's working process. The core tracks of The Unlistening Place were recorded in 2015, and at the time were intended to be part of what was to be the final Fossil Aerosol album, scheduled for a distant release. But history circled back on itself, and the result was a reworking of future tracks, alongside more new material. Historiography eating its own tail.

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ADM 020 CD 

***AVAILABLE AGAIN!!! Dissociated fragments from nearly lost genre films of the 1970s reconstituted, filtered by scratched celluloid, bad splices, dropouts, and damaged control tracks. Within piles of reversed tape loop miasma and time-lag accumulation, FOSSIL AEROSOL MINING PROJECT's mesmerizing and hypnogogic studies of uncanny dislocations magnify grit and errors. Re-assembly of the materials—often culled from 35mm film and quarter-inch magnetic tape found in abandoned drive-in movie theaters and warehouses—interweaves ready-mades with their own disintegration.

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03/17/2017 655035181417 


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03/17/2017 655035181417 


17 Years in Ektachrome is a sublime, 51-minute, six-track adventure: like stowing away on an aging freight train as it winds its way from the balmy American South to an unnamed permafrosted north. Fossil Aerosol Mining Project journeys through a dense audio fog filled with distant, indiscernible shapes and punctuated by the sudden appearances of artifacts from another time.  The album has a distinctly archaeological perspective, utilizing what seem to be decayed quarter-inch analog tapes that were processed and looped many years ago. The resulting layers of found sources and environmental recordings have been fragmented, slightly decomposed and pulled away from their original contexts. 17 Years is the perfect soundtrack for vast open plains, abandoned industrial complexes and forgotten small towns washed in the shadows of a bygone age. Fossil Aerosol Mining Project is first and foremost a superior ambient music project. Its soft, fluorocarbon textures are the perfect backdrops for mellifluous overlays of travelogue-style field recordings. Fossil Aerosol Mining Project regularly contributes to Zoviet France’s widely subscribed Duck in a Tree weekly podcast of all things electronic and / or analog, and has worked with the band on collaborative remix projects.

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06/24/2014 655035012421 

HHR 04 

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