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Incredible String Band

NOW AVAILABLE!!! A collection of previously unreleased material recorded by the INCREDIBLE STRING BAND between 1965 and 1967. Includes alternate versions of tracks that were later re-recorded for the band’s 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion or Wee Tam album, along with some some unheard gems.   Track Listing   1. Lover Man 2. Born in Your Town 3. First Girl I Loved 4. Gently Tender 5. Little Cloud 6. Blues for the Muse 7. The Eyes of Fate 8. The Mad Hatter's Song 9. Alice is a Long Time Gone 10. See Your Face and Know You 11. Fruch 12. The Iron Stone 13. God Dog 

CD $12.00

03/22/2005 8541688502229 

PWMD 5022 CD 

Philadelphia Folk Fest 1969 by Incredible String Band

Incredible String Band

Philadelphia Folk Fest 1969

***NOW AVAILABLE!!! An official “bootleg” featuring the INCREDIBLE STRING BAND performing live at the 1969 Philadelphia Folk Festival. Widely considered to be one of the band’s best live recordings, the album features eight wonderful songs.

CD $12.00


TR 019 CD 

*** The Incredible String Band reformed in 2000 around the original 1966•74 nucleus of Mike Heron, Robin Williamson and Clive Palmer.Cardiff-based keyboards-player Lawson Dando and Williamson's wife Bina completed a line-up that toured the UK between 2000 and 2002. Heron and Palmer kept the band going following the departure of the Williamsons and brought in female multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Fluff, and later bassist Gavin Dickie. Their 2003 tour exhumed classics from the first six ISB albums, generally acknowledged to be the band's artistic high water mark. Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios in rural Wiltshire was the site of this "live in the studio" album, recorded in front of an invited audience. So great was the demand at the October 2003 gig that the sessions were extended into a second day. The band was joined by Icelandic percussion wizard Steini Gudmundsson, who'd offered his services at their Reyjkavic concert earlier in the year.  Full USA tour with special guests like Joanna Newsom, The Espers, and White Magic

CD $12.00

10/05/2004 5028207500227 


Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air by Incredible String Band

Incredible String Band

Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air

***During their lifespan, The Incredible String Band contained several wives, children and pets, and were a five-piece when they disbanded in November 1974. Basically, everyone else acted as a supporting cast to the songwriting nucleus of Robin Williamson and Mike Heron.  Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air marks the halfway point, more or less, of the Incredible String Band. This 1971 release was their first for Island Records, following Joe Boyd (formerly Elektra UK's director of A&R) to the label.  ISB had been riding the huge critical acclaim of their third album The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter and a string of beautiful releases in its wake (Wee Tam, The Big Huge, I Looked Up, and the ambitious, sprawling medieval road show U). In fact, The Incredible String Band were a quartet for this recording, adding Malcolm Le Maistre from the U touring group, and retaining ex-wife Licorice as an additional vocalist. The "Incredibles" (as fans may know them) mined the successful formula of past releases on Liquid Acrobat, a sprawling, epic, and fanciful collection of folk musics from around the world, complete with Williamson's soulful brogue or Heron's bluesy warmth. Somehow, the ISB managed to combine numerous styles and add their own magic to the brew in order to make the sound uniquely their own.  Along with Fairport Convention, ISB continued to lead the merging of the lines between folk music and electric rock, and is in fine form here, especially on songs like "Talking of the End,"...

CD $12.00

09/03/2002 655036000922 


***The Incredible String band formed in late 1965 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Before that, founding members Robin Wiliamson , Clive Palmer and Mike Heron had played around the Edinburgh and Glasgow clubs. Originally known as Robin & Clive, the duo added Heron who bought just the bluesy feel that was needed. The initial sound was Scots old-timey with a bit of bluegrass and the blues. In 1966, a new eclecticism arrived in the folk and traditional circles, changing the three young men forever. The new wave of British folk had "arrived" with Donovan, Bert Jansch, John Renbourne, Shirley Collins, The Watersons, and the Incredible String Band as the most genre-defying leaders.  Almost immediately after The Incredible String band had finished recording their debut album for Elektra Records in 1966, virtuoso banjo player and third guitarist Palmer left the group to travel to Kashmir (and eventually to form C.O.B.).  The first Incredible String Band album is the only one to feature this original trio lineup. It stands alone in the ISB catalogue, for its unique charm that precipitated the more hippie-laden records to follow. At this point, the trio still had a strong link (via Palmer) to traditional Scots old-timey balladry and ragtime and bluegrass, not to mention the traditional folk method. Yet, even in the beginning, traces of the Balkans, North Africa, and the Middle East come through clearly.  * A landmark release from one of the world's finest folk (rock) bands  * This most magical debut...

CD $12.00

09/03/2002 655036000823