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Contact Contamination by Midnite Snaxxx

Midnite Snaxxx

Contact Contamination

***On their urgent new single, MIDNITE SNAXXX flex all the might that they’ve honed over the last decade-plus, charging more confidently than ever. Born outta deep frustration and recorded just as the planet entered lockdown, Snaxxx go fully hi-fi with this latest burst, laying down a pair of breathless punk bangers that perfectly soundtrack the swirl of madness and panic we collectively find ourselves grappling with. Expertly arranged and executed punk rock, shot straight from the heart. (STREET DATE - 1/08/2021).

7" $8.50



***Music Inside, the latest album from MIDNITE SNAXXX, tilts whatever fans thought they knew ‘bout Snaxxx on a thrilling edge. Bluntly, this new album, the band’s third, is the most eclectic recording they’ve ever produced. While their expert blurring of punk and powerful pop is still very much at the forefront, several willful steps into new directions yield something a lot more adventurous and skillful than expected. Recorded in Los Angeles with DIE GROUP guru ERIC BIG ARM at the controls, Music Inside captures Snaxxx at their most absorbing: the guitar interplay is dramatically increased, the rhythms strikingly more diverse and the songwriting infinitely more substantive. The album is rooted in frustration and personal/political anger, adding reality and action to the expected revelry and punky coolness. “Lights Out” is exactly the sort of furious take that the band has been after for so long and, paired with a moment like “Out Of Control,” recalls the bleakest moments of classic LA punk. “She Don’t Want That” is another departure, one inspired in by classic UK post-punk and modern danceable DIY in equal measure. “Disconnected” bubbles out from a hyper-freaked angle, whereas “Cyborg” takes a series of sharp turns at high speed—both tunes providing further evidence of Midnite Snaxxx’s highly-nuanced take on punk sounds, even within the framework of sub-90 second chargers. Over the course of the last decade, the identity of Midnite Snaxxx has contorted a few times over. Too punk for garage turkeys, too pop for the spikey set, too...

LP $15.50

12/06/2019 194171390364 


***You Kill Me delivers more sugar-rushed punk energy and power pop hooks from these West Coast women. Midnite Snaxxx features the overwhelming talents of TINA LUCCHESI (TRASHWOMEN, BOBBYTEENS, TOP TENS, TINA & THE TOTAL BABES) on drums, DULCINEA GONZALES (THE LOUDMOUTHS) on guitar, and RENEE LEAL (LaTeenOs) on bass.  Recorded by JASON TESTASECCA (Nobunny, Elvis Christ), You Kill Me is the first Midnite Snaxx single on Goner, following previous releases on Total Punk, Raw Deluxe and Red Lounge.

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07/17/2012 647603395661 


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07/17/2012 647603395661