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***On Confines of Life, the third studio album from California punk band Neighborhood Brats, the band dives head-first into songs about environmental crisis, systemic oppression, interpersonal / intrapersonal conflict, and the trappings of modern existence.?! Following blueprints of ‘77 punk, ‘80s hardcore and elements of post-punk, the diverse songwriting influences of vocalist Jenny Angelillo and guitarist George Rager are showcased throughout, putting the band in their element, while expanding on their original concept.?! Recorded in February and March 2020 at Station House studio with Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Mark Rains, following their busiest year yet (including tours with Adolescents and Subhumans UK).?! The band had barely finished production when Los Angeles went into its initial shutdown in response to the incoming pandemic.?! Multiple 2020 tours were subsequently canceled as the music industry, and life in general, came to a standstill.?!

LP $19.85


DC 158 

***Here’s the first proper full length album by this California powerhouse.?! After a slew of singles and EPs, this Long Beach, CA based quartet develop their style of aggressive Dangerhouse Records meets early ‘80s SoCal Hardcore even further.?! Yes, the L.A.?! Times called them a “female fronted BLACK FLAG”—it’s that band.?! 12 new cuts of pre-Reagan, post-neutron bomb hardcore punk..?!

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***NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS are back with a one-off 7” for Dirtnap, and it’s a scorcher! This is a US pressing of a recent limited-to-300 tour 7” that had previously only been available on the Neighborhood Brats’ Fall 2013 European tour.?! Led by crazed frontwoman JENNY ANGELILLO and guitarist GEORGE RAGER, and recently relocated to Los Angeles from San Francisco, the Neighborhood Brats are joined on this record by the new rhythm section of TOMMY BRANCH and RICHIE CARDENAS.?! The new lineup tears through 3 originals (The title track is actually a re-worked version of the b-side of the ROOFIE AND THE NIGHTSTALKER’s lone 7”, Jenny and George’s short lived pre-Neighborhood Brats project.) and a Go-Go’s cover, all to ferocious effect.?! Neighborhood Brats are one of our very favorite current bands, and we are beyond excited to release this EP! All copies come with download coupon..?!

7" $6.00


ZZZ 129 

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02/11/2014 881970012978 


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02/11/2014 881970012978 


***NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS lead by vocalist JENNY ANGELILLO (THE ORPHANS), are a punk rock band from Los Angeles by way of San Francisco.?! Their debut EP, recorded after only 5 initial rehearsal sessions in 2011, became an instant classic in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the band honed their sound and became known for out of control, spastic live shows.?! After releasing two subsequent, well-received singles, Angelillo and guitarist GEORGE RAGER relocated the band to Los Angeles in late 2012.?! Birth Right is their debut EP on Deranged and features 3 new ragers and a cover..?!

7" $6.00



***A compilation LP of the first three NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS releases: Neighborhood Brats EP, We Own the Night 7" and Ocean Beach Party 7".?! Also includes two unreleased studio tracks.?! Often described as Black Flag meets the Avengers with a Killed By Death and Dangerhouse-inspired method of attack, this is the complete recorded output of the band's first year of existence, prior to their relocation from San Francisco to Los Angeles.?! Helmed by vocalist JENNY ANGELILLO and guitarist GEORGE RAGER, and featuring the Brats' original rhythm section lineup consisting of bassist JASMINE WATSON and drummer KIRK PODELL (both pulled simultaneous double-duty in NEO CONS)..?!

LP $16.00



***This new San Francisco band fronted by JENNY (THE ORPHANS), and backed by previous members of ROOFIE AND THE NIGHTSTALKER, CUTE LEPERS and many more.?! The NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS are here and are lighting the bay area scene on fire.?! Despite not yet being released, most of these 5 songs have found their way onto radio stations, podcasts and even an upcoming tv show.?! The 5 songs represent the bands entire debut recording session and are already blipping the radar for record of 20ll.?! All songs are catchy, raw and blistering punk rock bringing to mind early eighties LA punk crossed with early SF female fronted bands.?! Think Black Flag with Avengers/VKTMS vocals.?! Yes, it really is as good as that sounds.?! And Im sure youve already heard about the already legendary live shows, right?! The 12-inch is limited to 650 total copies and CDEP is limited to 500 copies..?!

CD $9.25


MAR 013 CD 

12" $10.50


MAR 013