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***ORNAMENT is a new musical troupe out of Nashville, Tennessee, who have collectively built off traditional forms and values established in pop music for over seven decades before any of its three young members, ALEC, RYA and WILL, were even born. Ornament's sound is the culmination of these three music fanatic freak friends collective distillation of cool. Too many bands today try to cop that misdirected sixties/seventies vibe on a one or two-dimensional level. Ornament might look like another gaggle of dolled up pants boys at first glance, like an indie-rock Milk’N’Cookies, but one listen to their tunes will reveal an astute love of many twentieth century musical genres on full display. Elements of ragtime jazz, calypso, music hall, folk, modern classical, and pop balladry all find their space in Ornament’s arrangement of an avant-garde rock music substitute. Recruiting the services of independent producer, JEFFREY NOVAK (SAVOY MOTEL, CHEAP TIME), Ornament have placed their debut album in an ongoing “New” southern rock context/scene that has been previously promoted by Novak in the press. Limited to 400 black vinyl copies with a jacket featuring colorized versions of all three band members.

LP $13.75


OMR 006 

***A Lion is a Lion is the long-awaited 12-inch EP from one half of the founding core lineup of long-running experimentalists/upstarts GROWING. Following up his 2015 release Protest Music, JOE DENARDO's ORNAMENT returns with an EP of expansive soundtracks asking the listener to dream of alternative futures, dystopias, new ways. The title takes it's inspiration from the common Kurdish saying "Şêr şêre çi jine, çi mêre'', a response to questions about the efficacy and equality of revolutionary fighting forces by all genders. We are all equal. We can all fight. Keeping with an instrumentation of guitars and electronics, A Lion is a Lion performs like a mixtape of six investigation zones, digging into sonic territories and finding rather unstable footings. Unique, die-cut LP jackets provide an "interactive" experience for the listener. Strictly limited pressing. Download included.

12" $23.25