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A Broke Moon Rises by Papa M

Papa M

A Broke Moon Rises
Drag City

***That chill in your spine makes total sense. PAPA M is back in the room, and like the animal you are, you sense it before you actually know he’s there. As the light from the broke moon floods in, you feel that you’ll survive—even if you’ll never be the same.... Late 2016’s Highway Songs brought Papa M back to us, after many years of silence and several harrowing dances with death for his Id-ego/host body, DAVID PAJO. Now, two years on down the road, we’re all here again to witness A Broke Moon Rises. Highway Songs was a necessarily cathartic experience in all phases. Afterwards, with no tour dates forthcoming (partially due to lousy clubs and their lack of wheelchair-accessible stage doors!), it felt good just to play for fun again, like being in the practice space instead of the psych ward—a much healthier change of pace than some might guess! David blew it out; all the different styles he’s played in over the years, from folk-blues to metal, electronic, pop, Bollywood—all of it. But when the spasms subsided, a back-to-roots sediment remained in the bottom of the bowl, which he read as a motive for a new Papa M album done with all acoustic instruments. That’s how there’s nothing electric about A Broke Moon Rises. The five songs of A Broke Moon Rises find David focusing his technique in unknown directions, to find out what he can do with them. When that happens, he finds himself on the very...

LP $20.50

08/17/2018 781484071518 

DC 715 

CD $13.75

08/17/2018 781484071525 

DC 715 CD 

MC $8.50

08/17/2018 781484071549 

DC 715 MC 

Highway Songs by Papa M

Papa M

Highway Songs
Drag City

***PAPA M? Are you serious? The last time we said “Papa M,” it was 2004 and we were talking about a retrospective compilation album! There were no expectations, and none given! Sure, Papa M was attached to some of the 80s–90s greatest no-core records, especially if you consider his imaginary alter ego, one DAVID PAJO. But that was a long time ago! So why then does Highway Songs spill into our ears with a newness, a vitality that only fresh blood can bring? Could it be because of all the blood? David Pajo’s been writing lines on the guitar since he was a bitty little kid. It sustained him through a lot of groups, like MAURICE, SLINT, AERIAL M, TORTOISE, THE FOR CARNATION, and DEAD CHILD. He’s played live too, and on records. And now that he’s grown up to be a bitty little man, what’s he gonna do, change? If you think so, you don’t know Pajo—or as he’s been known to sometimes go, Papa M. The instrumental sounds he’s made in the name of these names implied danger, violence and total alienation, alongside a peaceful, easy, good-willin’ and wide streak of broke-toothed black humor. So, after those classic albums followed by a long silent phase, broken only by a steady stream of sweet (and terrifying) pictures on Instagram, we’ve now got Highway Songs. Sounds pastoral. Bucolic, even. What’s become of the implication of mayhem in this title? Don’t worry. This album could be called “Wreck on the Highway...

LP $19.50

11/11/2016 781484067115 


CD $13.75

11/11/2016 781484067122 


MC $10.50



Single # 6 by Papa M

Papa M

Single # 6
Drag City

***Hot on the heels of the recent M singles collection, DAVID PAJO returns with the sixth installment in his Singles series. This time in Pajo heads into new territory with a fully calculated new concept that streamlines all of his previous work into a new hybrid. The twist this time is the track "Foreign Hotel Garden," featuring a hallucinogenic journal-entry lyric with spoken-word delivery. Three songs in all.

CD $6.00

03/30/2004 781484025924 


Hole Of Burning Alms by Papa M

Papa M

Hole Of Burning Alms
Drag City

***Songwriting sensation DAVID PAJO returns with his ongoing "M", and takes you back to the glorious '90s with a collection of material recorded under the AERIAL M, M, and PAPA M monikers. Includes the debut M single "Safeless/Napoleon," the song "Vol De Nuit" from a split single, the 1997 and '98 Aerial M singles "M Is..." and "October," Papa M's 1999 tour single, 2000's Christmas card track "Turn Turn Turn," the unreleased "Christmas 1997," and another fifteen minutes or so of timeless M action. Mmmm, M.

CD $13.75

03/02/2004 781484023128 

DC 231 CD 

2XLP $17.25


DC 231 

Live From A Shark Cage by Papa M

Papa M

Live From A Shark Cage
Drag City

***DAVID PAJO returns with his ongoing "M" recordings (AERIAL M, M, PAPA M, mmmm M). Eleven tracks that fall somewhere in the blue guitar-based, dreamy rock music thing, but also feature things like found sounds, intriguing instrumental passages and even vocals just to add to the ongoing mystery (misery?) of the performances. Simply lovely.

CD $13.75

01/01/2004 781484017028 

DC 170 CD 

2XLP $20.50


DC 170