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“After a 5 year pause for breath, Rainer Veil return with their debut full length for Modern Love; an immersive, kinematic tumble through electronic forms from hyper trance to tape dub experiments and loose polyrhythms - a summoning of ‘ardcore spirits in flux. Big RIYL: Photek, Caterina Barbieri, SND, Lee Gamble, Gábor Lázár...  A hypnotic soundworld tempered by weighty bass and angular construction, ‘Vanity’ marks a breaking away from the binds of overthinking, an embrace of imperfection. It’s a brighter set of tracks then anything we’ve heard from them before, discarding the fog of filters and guitar pedals in pursuit of a more loose-limbed and swung ideal.  Opening on the skeletal Trance vapour-trail ‘Sim Screen’ and the agitated ‘Repatterning’, we head into a ferociously asymmetric warehouse swerve ‘In Gold Mills’ conjuring an uncanny, nighttime vision of suburban bass riddled with tension and bliss. ‘Shallows’ retreats through isolation dub, echoing ‘Change Is Never Easy’, a re-worked House template fractured to its bare percussive core, while ‘FM2’ entwines a double helix of DX7 patches with a heart wrench, and ‘Gauze’ dismantles a mosaic of Kwaito patterns, buried under a haze of smoke. Tracing rapidly mutating electronic forms, from ringtone hooks to latinate rhythms and Razor synth edits, ‘Vanity’ explores an instinctive swell of ideas and influences in perpetual and unstoppable forward motion, a sequence of flash frames captured and distilled for posterity.”—Boomkat

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Released almost exactly a year on from their debut ‘Struck’ EP, Liam Morley and Dan Valentine return with ‘New Brutalism’, an exploration of angular, brittle club music. Referencing the stripped-down, utilitarian aesthetic of Brutalist architecture (a detail of Preston bus station features on the cover), the 5 tracks here mine looped, blocky source material gradually embellished with more complex percussive and atmospheric layers that are at once robust and introspective. From the opening woodblock/rave dismantling “UK Will Not Survive” to the heady Hardcore of “Three Day Jag”, the EP evokes a distinctly Northern British Weltanschauung, a joyous revelling in melancholy that goes as far back as the earliest dances documented in Mark Leckey’s ‘Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore’ - somehow unique to British nightlife. The EP closes with the industrial clang of “Run Out”, the cacophony slowly converging into an alignment of percussion and space, trigerring that feeling of re-emerging into daylight at the end of a long night. Blinded by all the light... by all the possibilities.

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02/10/2014 5060165480449 


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02/10/2014 5060165480449 


Rainer Veil are Liam Morley and Dan Valentine, two friends who met while studying contemporary music in the north of England. The pair began improvising and making drones in a dark basement before incorporating a broader palette and forming Rainer Veil as an ongoing concern last year. ‘Struck’ is their first EP and debut for Modern Love, following an appearance at the label Boiler Room takeover in August 2012. The ‘Struck’ EP incorporates recordings made over the last year and extends from the rewired Jungle ruckus of the title track to the more emotive formation of ‘Wade In’ and ‘Bala’, through to the hazy closer ‘Yield’. There’s a melancholy pop pulsing at the heart of these tracks, coloured by a love of electronic mutations from UKG and Hardcore rave to House and Techno, most evident in the unusual recording process undertaken while constructing the EP. Each track was re-worked from radically different first drafts, often starting life as more recognisable and structured songs before being dismantled into more abstract shapes: percussion degraded and layered, vocals fed through analog delays, samples reworked at the wrong speed and re-sampled to tape for added warmth: the narrative all mixed up.

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02/18/2013 5060165480395