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American Tower by Rotary Club

Rotary Club

American Tower
Iron Lung

***"As a massive early Killed By Death style punk fanatic, constantly in pursuit of the ever elusive records and one-off-obscuro sound, I frequently turn up my nose at modern bands playing the style. You can't just crap out a poorly recorded generic riff punk track, slap a 'KBD' label on it and expect me to fall for the ruse. I mean bands have done that and had varying degrees of wool pull—see The Uncalled 4's 'Grind Her Up' 7" for the best success of this—but it doesn't usually work out. What I particularly enjoy about Rotary Club is that they rework the lyrics into all things landline telephone while heavily referencing the riffage from the genre's top tier tunes, twisting them just enough to make them their own. A refreshing and well executed take to say the least.—Jensenensen Rotary Club is from Reno, NV. This is their first ever vinyl record, the only format that matters. 4th of 5 in the Systemic Surgery series each hand numbered and limited to 200. Hand stamped labels on black vinyl housed in a custom die cut sleeve with a risograph print hand glued to the front. Tracked, mixed and mastered by Tim Green at Louder Studios. Artwork by Jawsh Hageman. Classy.

7" $11.00

01/27/2023 795154139187 

LUNGS 223 

MP3 $1.98

01/27/2023 795154139187 

LUNGS 223 

FLAC $2.49

01/27/2023 795154139187