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***After a couple mysterious years, Rome's Sect Mark are back with some new mangle. Originally released as a micropressing of just 30 copies by the band themselves as a promo tape to hawk at K-Town Virus Weekend in August 2021. Sadly the band could not make it to the show so Iron Lung Records has made this essential piece of razor sharp nasty hardcore available to a wider audience. At the time of this release, Sect Mark is finishing up the writing/recording for their next LP which promises to be even more insane than previous releases. We'll let you know when it's ready so enjoy these three new songs and a bonus Nerorgasmo cover in the meantime. Sick. 200 pro-printed, black shelled cassettes with silver pad printing housed in a classic J-Card sleeve inside a clear/clear norelco box. All art and recording by Sect Mark.

MC $10.25


LUNGS 216 

***"A new breed of maniacal Italian hardcore. Short, drippy, seething and nasty as hell. The fuzz fucked intro of last song, side A ("Scouts" -ed.) had me shermed up and ready to bust through a brick wall. As a whole 'Worship' brings to mind a broken pugilist pissing in an exhaust stained fountain and then fighting the cops with knuckles full of busted teeth. Not sure why, but that is the image this music evokes. It's ugly, nihilistic and mean. I like that. I hate everything else. For fans of S.H.I.T., Deformity and Warthog."—MK. 350 on black vinyl housed in a heavy reverse board jacket with insert and download code included. Recorded in Rome. Art by Francesco Goats.

12" $16.35