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Evening Reception by Vanity


Evening Reception
Beach Impediment

***"A lost episode of Fawlty Towers set in the present day astride a shoddy sofa in a den in Brooklyn: Instead of not “mentioning the war” the challenge is to swim through this LP without uttering or even entertaining the tiniest sniff of dearest Nanker Phelge.?! This proves far more rewarding than throwing a knee-jerk ticker tape parade for the open-tuned greyzone murk of Guitar-Centre blues musicians everywhere and frankly, that would be a lazy disservice to what you're about to hear.?! Rising up instead, we have the grandiose and pampositical return of the perfectly named, Vanity.?! Yes that’s a compliment, no it's not a real word.?!

LP $17.00



Rarely If Ever by Vanity


Rarely If Ever
Beach Impediment

***The second of two brand new singles that one of NYC's greatest will be gracing us with during this balmy winter and their first recorded output since the release of their highly praised Evening Reception full length, the Beach Impediment Label is honored to be an even minuscule component in releasing yet another slab for the almighty VANITY.?! With a track record of releases that spans the past 7 years, the style and approach of the group has (much to the dismay of some yet absolute delight of others) arguably seen it's fair share of metamorphosis over the course of this particular project's run.?! Yet amidst the sonic evolution exhibited by Vanity their catalog has progressed, the expertise in conceiving an ever so catchy ditty still holds true as is evident with the A-Side "Rarely if Ever"—a track that is guaranteed to remain embedded in one's head for quite some time.?!

7" $9.25



Anticlimax by Vanity


Feel It

***Right alongside a stellar upcoming single and 2018 LP on the esteemed Beach Impediment label, NYC's VANITY offer up another double A-sider for Feel It.?! Anticlimax rolls out of the gate with a cool, Stones-esque confidence, resting on the otherworldly lead guitar of "GROOVY" MIKE LIEBMAN (formerly of VEXX and RIK & THE PIGS).?! This irresistibly catchy, glammed-out rocker is backed up with "A Seat at the Table" quickening the pace atop a brilliant walking bass line.?! While Vanity have excelled in everything from Oi! to Britpop in their fascinating time as a band, both the songwriting and production on this single may be the band's highest mark yet.?! Edition of 400 packaged in a glue pocket sleeve with insert..?!

7" $9.25



Don't Be Shy by Vanity


Don't Be Shy
Katorga Works

***"Putting aside some of the driving Oi sound from the Vain In Life LP in favor of a more Britpop influence, all while developing the hints of glam from their subsequent 7" single, the songs of EVAN RADIGAN and COLEMAN DURKEE are now less late '70s / early '80s Poulton-le-Fylde and more early '90s Manchester, propelling the band into bold and exciting new territory.?! In this day of flaccid plumage, VANITY stands tall above every and all street rock & roll disgrace.".?!

LP $17.75


KW 050