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The Immoralist
LP $18.95

10/21/2014 781484056812 

DC 568 

CD $13.75

10/21/2014 781484056829 

DC 568 CD 

***Limbo as the space between heaven and hell where unblessed babies float, sighing; limbo as the supple-spined Calypsonian dance craze: here exists The Immoralist. ELISA AMBROGIO, MAGIK MARKERS power front, lyric intelligence, guitar g’rilla, and awkward weirdo, is back, and forth too, to deposit her first full length solo outing on yer doorstep. Like she’d been going barefoot for years to keep her good shoes shiny for church, Ambrogio exhibits a new refinement on The Immoralist. Working with PAPERCUTS’ JASON QUEVER, Elisa’s earliest childhood musical loves The Poni-tails, Tiffany, and The Dixie Cups rise through the haze-n-raze of electric guitar and drums with a pop repercussion previously unexplored by Magik Markers. Glossy melodies, drums that throb with the rhythmic stamp of a celibate sect, and layers of vocals joined 
in harmony over stark sound-beds engage a whole new quadrant of Starship Ambrogio. (STREET DATE - 10/21/2014)

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