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LP $21.95


SRUIN 173 

CD $12.25



***NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! UK mechanized black metal futurists Decoherence reappear from the darkest unknown with Order, an imposing third full-length voidscape consecrating an unrivaled auditory vision into absolute darkness and emptiness. Humanity's microscopic existence and total insignificance within the paradigm or our vast reality and unknown creation, soundtracked using the medium of cold, synthetic, mechanical experimental black metal to infer a future reality, aeons away, in which unknowable technological advances will bridge unfathomable sidereal distances and quell humanity's longing for knowledge by placing us right in front of the mouth of oblivion, from which any return or escape will be impossible. Decaying at the event horizon, the awareness that our maniacal quest for knowledge was solely driven by an oppressive feeling of meaninglessness and fear in the shadow of the immensity and cruelty of the empty vast cosmos, will become more crushing than the infinite gravity itself. It is the premise itself, made of absolute insignificance and inevitable annihilation which makes the music of Decoherence so completely antihuman. A scenario of absolute hell lost between science, imagination, philosophy and total fear, merging different states, flaws and aspects of the human nature and mind, meticulously crafted from the surrealism of Blut Aus Nord and Ulcerate-derived avant-garde dissonant black and death metal, the grim, sidereal vastness of Darkspace, the industrial post-human bleakness of Godflesh and Brighter Death Now, and the ambiguous, experimental futurism of transformative 80's and 90's bands like Alchemist, Ved Buens Ende, Voivod and Killing Joke.