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Cloudland Canyons / Citay
7" $7.25



***This is both bands first 7-inch record and they chose to (selflessly) pay homage to GALAXIE 500. CLOUDLAND CANYON (Holy Mountain, Kranky, Tee Pee) steps out from behind the curtain to reveal just a little bit about themselves and their influences. Galaxie 500 filled the gap between the Velvet Underground and the American branch of shoegaze, exemplified by the Lilys, Ropers, Slumberland Records (etc.). Cloudland Canyon has taken Galaxy 500’s “Temperature’s Rising” (from Today), along with all of these aforesaid influences, and pushed them further out, out, out into outer space. How can you stare at your shoes when you’re this far out? Cloudland Canyon! Meanwhile CITAY (Dead Oceans) display their musical prowess and courage by tackling the revered “Tugboat.” Citay are known for making 21st century prog, though this doesn’t become apparent until the end of the track. Mostly, they do a straight, maybe even a little stripped down, cover of this pop masterpiece. Citay, nay EZRA FEINBERG, spent some time in PIANO MAGIC and this cover should do his former mates proud. This track also appears on the Citay’s new album Dream Get Together on Dead Oceans, but is best heard as a single.