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Interior Architecture
2XLP $29.75

09/16/2016 659696419919 


MP3 $8.99

09/23/2016 659696419919 


FLAC $9.90

09/23/2016 659696419919 


***"The work of prolific Los Angeles producer M. GEDDES GENGRAS is often discussed in terms of 'vibes.' This is fair enough, given the wandering modular synth experiments for which he’s known (not to mention his warmer forays into dub alongside SUN ARAW and his stated late-blooming appreciation for the Dead). Lest such language imply a relaxed sort of grooviness, however, his latest full-length—a double LP comprising four barely-discrete compositions, each around 18 minutes—extends into more anxious territory. Composed and recorded over the last six years, Interior Architecture is so expansive that it can be hard for the listener to find her footing. What’s rewarding, in addition to the lush and liquid sound of Gengras’ indulgent approach, is that very experience of instability. It’s more pronounced than in his previous releases, and here takes on a psychological dimension."—Pitchfork (7.0 rating)


  1. #1 Wings Carroms Fountain Worm Suite Pt. 1


  2. #2 Staircase Pressure Reverie Structure Worm Suite Pt. 2


  3. #3 Extension Breath Worm Suite Pt. 3


  4. #4 Shard All Bridges Dawn (Terrapin)