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Spam Likely
CD $13.00

08/26/2022 755491234259 

5903 CD 

***The world is breaking apart, but this trio holds it together. Made up of Jessica Pavone (Viola, electronics), Lukas Koenig (Drums) and Matt Mottel (Keytar, 3-string Guitar), all three players are drawn to the improvisational, experimental nature of their self-described, “free-range sonic stew,” a constellation of instruments served up for hungry ears. Their first performance together in 2019 was marked by the tragic, unexpected death of Steve Dalachisnky, a poet and artist well-known in their shared community, who had passed the day before. The night was full of cathartic music—and since then, their sound has been influenced by kindred spirits, merging images, and resonant emotions. Throughout the two wryly-named, extended tracks, Mottel lays thick keyboard and keytar riffs, while Pavone and Koenig contribute interlaced tremolos, and sharp sopranos. The album's title, Spam Likely, plays on the increasing number of spam calls everyone’s receiving these days, asking the obvious question: what happens if you pick up?