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Trisect Joy of Pierced Hearts


Trisect Joy of Pierced Hearts

Sentient Ruin Laboratories
LP $21.95


SRUIN 181 

***Lucifixion perpetrates black metal terror ever in obeisance to the trinity of his ever looming trident. Disgorged from the yawning maw of abject death, we sharpen our blades and burn in devotion and passion. The work is replete in maelstroms of raw hell, fangs bared at god. Possessed by the spirit of vaunted luminaries such as Katharsis, Armagedda, and Craft. Manic maelstroms of chaotic riffs frenetically assail, as the listener is forced into omnipresent lunacy by way of riffs scourging flesh from bone. This is black metal done the old way, with an attention to both composition and atmosphere, tempered with feral obeisance. Here layeth the hand that stirs to deeds of blood, the thorns that bleed the godhead. Rise and reveal!