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no cover
CD $12.00

05/28/2002 690989002326 


New retrospective album from fuzz-rock pioneers! With three albums, two EPs, and more than five-hundred live dates under their belts, Nebula's frenetic groove has already secured them a place in rock history. But these bastard offspring of Blue Cheer and Thin Lizzy on crank are just getting started… Dos EPs is a full-length remixed and remastered collection of '70s-style, pedal-to-the-metal riff-rock from Nebula's two out-of-print EPs, Sun Creature (originally released on Man's Ruin Records), and their half of the Nebula/Lowrider double-EP (MeteorCity), alongside three brand new scorchers that'll sear their brand onto the backside of the new millennium. As the cornerstone of Sub-Pop Records' re-dedication to relevant rock, Nebula couldn't have picked a better time to roll out this all killer re-release of their strongest material. "Right from the moment stoner rock started to become a scene in its own right, rather than just a convenient way to describe a couple bands, Nebula have always stood mountains above all the other originality-free Kyuss wannabes snapping at their feet. Having all cut their teeth as former members of fuzzy rock'n'roll kings Fu Manchu, the beauty of this shit-kicking little three-piece is the scope of influences and range of sound that they manage to incorporate into their collective noise. Nebula have finally broken free from any real association with their former band by making an album that frankly pisses all over the Fu's last King of the Road opus from a great height." -KERRANG!!!  * New material, new mixes, and tracks from out-of-print EPs  * Nebula play 100+ dates annually with Nashville Pussy, Zen Guerilla, Mudhoney, Corrosion of Conformity, Clutch, Cherry Valence, and more  * Previous releases on Relapse, Man's Ruin, Sub-Pop, and MeteorCity sold 60,000+ units total * Counted in publications like Rolling Stone and GQ among the 21st century's saviors of carefree, badass, no-frills rock'n'roll  * Five tracks produced by legendary rock guru Jack Endino (Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden)   

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