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Greasy Magick
LP $21.95


NUD 014 

***Mad Max "The Blue Moon Goon" Elliott (former member of Zola Jesus) returns for his second LP Greasy Magick on Nudie Records! This time around Max is joined by Non Travellin' Band alumn Brother Joseph Tucci and Dead Luke to fill out the edges of his signature drug-addled caveman hillbilly proto-punk sound. Featuring 12 disgusting and grotesque sonic dishes covering topics from the anti-mastication groove ("Don't Chew Your Food") to the worship of an amorphous and gelatinous deity ("Gristle & Gunk") to the inevitable demise of the human race ("Nightmare No. 2") no topic mentioned here is predictable to say the least but the power of Max's voice is as undeniable as it is hypnotic. Pressed on eye popping blood red vinyl.