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LP $21.95


NUD 013 

***More than 10 years ago, Buffalo, NY’s, Bean Friend set out to compose an instrumental album influenced equally by 70s Italian western soundtracks and traditional Latin and Mariachi music. The result is LA CHACHALACA, a perfect distillation of Morricone-styled spaghetti western vignettes, traditional Mexican Mariachi music, and Cuban dance rhythms. Accompanied by a large ensemble of musicians, La Chachalaca seamlessly weaves through moods, styles, and tempos to unfold an imaginary tale of revenge, betrayal, heartbreak, and lust set against a dusty western backdrop. From the head nodding, conga laden salsa of “A Lick and a Promise” to the solo acoustic lament of “The Beauty in Those Eyes” to the relentless galloping crescendo of “The Pursuit” you can almost feel the hot desert air drifting up from the grooves as the record turns. Sure to stand tall against the 70s classics and a welcome entry into the modern spaghetti western revival, Nudie Records invites you to saddle up and let La Chachalaca take you away. Edition of 300

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