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Rest In Peace, Hippie

Non Travellin' Band

Rest In Peace, Hippie

Nudie Records
LP $21.95


NUD 007 

***The NON TRAVELLIN' BAND were a psychedelic band from Madison, WI active from 2012 - 2017. Held together by the minds of LUE LUECK, BROTHER JOSEPH TUCCI, DEAD LUKE and a rotating cast of others, the band ultimately lived up to their name by never playing a single note outside the city limits. In any given month, you could catch them a couple times at Mickey’s Tavern, their unofficial home base, where they were working out their material in a live setting. Rest in Peace, Hippie was recorded as a coda to their creative run as a band in the winter of 2017, all tracks were laid down in a fever dream over 4 days in a local living room and a basement. The only documentation that now remains of the Non Travellin’ Band are a spattering of demos on a Soundcloud account with long forgotten login credentials, an out of print live cassette on Moon Glyph Records, and the posthumous Rest in Peace, Hippie. Presented here for the very first time, the Non Travellin’ Band ask you to join them on A Midnight Ride. “Feeling like early aughts Wooden Wand bandying back and forth between an unlikely stew of Brian Jonestown, Lupine Howl, and Dandy’s covers, the record pushes between overdriven psych float and dry dock acoustic smoke halos” —Raven Sings The Blues