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LP $14.25


LA 29 

***THE FAR CORNERS are JUSTIN of TURPENTINE BROTHERS and TARA of MR. AIRPLANE MAN. "In the future after Trump's presidency enabled Skynet to become a reality a Stephen Hawking terminator came to destroy humanity to save it from itself. To enable a future where humanity wasn't controlled by the law of diminishing returns. A world where the A-Frames was the house band on the Tonight show, and Mumford and Sons was a junkyard somewhere in Jersey. A vision of jack booted thugs kicking in the face of the current alt underground darlings. A time when today's youth generation is called what it is—YUPPIES and had chemical castration performed on them by the Hadron Collider. This is that time, when law mandates sex reassignment surgery on your organic gluten free white hetero cismale privilege, otherwise known as the Noisey/Pitchfork crowd. This is that world where the Electric Eels playing all the hits of the Shaggs is the viralest meme on your social media feed. This is that vision where things do escape from black holes." One-sided LPs with unique spray-painted B-sides packaged in hand-assembled jackets and released in a numbered edition of 200 copies.

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