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War, Journalism, And The Middle East

Fisk, Robert

War, Journalism, And The Middle East

Alternative Tentacles
CD $13.00

06/01/2007 721616036824 


The animated and impassioned ROBERT FISK is internationally known for his in-depth reporting from the Middle East for various newspapers, including The Guardian (UK) and the Times of London. On this CD he discusses the realities, risks, and rewards of covering one of the most complex political situations on the planet for the past 30 years. With unparalleled access to history-makers in the region, Fisk recounts the rise of Hezbollah, his interviews with Osama Bin Laden, and the growing Iraqi insurgency. The 76 minute audio CD includes a October 2005 lecture and an April 2005 interview with acclaimed Alternative Radio host, David Barsamian. The interview covers the rise of Hezbollah to their interest in the Iraqi insurgency, the likely cost and consequences of the US presence in the region, interviewing Bin Laden, and the role of hired mercenaries in Iraq. The lecture focuses on the roots of western domination in the Middle East through today, and on the tragic consequences of this sordid history. The booklet includes an exclusive transcript of an illuminating Q&A session between FISK and Barsamian from April 2006. "The most famous foreign correspondent in Britain"- New York Times ROBERT FISK is a Beirut-based correspondent for the Independent UK, and author of The Great War for Civilisation and Pity the Nation. He has lived in Beriut, Lebanon for the past 30 years. This is a split release with AK Press.

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