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LP $21.50

03/18/2016 781484008712 


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04/05/2011 078148408729 

dc87 CD 

***CHECK STOCK!!! Received an 8.0 Best New Reissue rating from Pitchfork. It was in the year of ’92 that they were first sighted, high over the western skies of Bristol, UK. FLYING SAUCER ATTACK originally manifested in the form of 7" singles, shot through with noise sheets and touches of eastern-tuned psychedelics, hooded with shoegaze-inspired somnambulance. In 1993, the first Flying Saucer Attack LP hit, and hard. Dubbed by some as “Rural Psychedelia”, the eponymous album exploded the sound of the singles into a full-length trip. This set the bar for FSA impossibly high, but in the following year, a collection of singles sides called Distance provided a companionable listen—and still without a personal appearance in support, the audience for Flying Saucer Attack continued to expand. In ’95, the nebulae aligned, the red giants went supernova and the black holes issued forth onto the Drag City label: the second FSA album, Further, delivered deeper-focus textures with an increased acoustic presence that traded in new ways on the “rural psychedelia” label, sharing an encompassing access of space in doing so. Later in that same year, Chorus emerged—an icy blast of electric-band FSA that in no way revisited the wild-eyed pastures of the first album, but instead found refinements and experimented in new directions. Further has been out of print on vinyl for the past decade. Chorus has been unavailable on LP since the golden days of CD (1998)!