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12" $12.75

08/28/2015 730669337734 

HNY 008 

***Since 2010, Jackie House aka Jacob Sperber has been driving the A&R side of the San Francisco dance-music troupe running the HNYTRX label and producing remixes with other members under the Honey name. Putting label duties on hold in 2013 Sperber cocooned into his music studio, entering as a brave brunette and exiting as an ambitious blonde. "Stydive" is Jackie's debut to wax and has as much house-party in it as it does warehouse 4am. With a vocal sample nod to punk's past, “Stydive” pogo dances to dusty and stuttering live/analog drum rhythms and skips along a rude and infectious bass-line. Bound to find lovers of all persuasions for its dub-esque qualities, instantly recognizable hook, and open relationship with house music, this tune begged to have it's own side. That said, there is always room for some Matrixxman who takes Stydive to a strobe lit South of Market darkroom in his remix on the B. Spurting erotic lazers around a cavernous kick, this tune finishes off even the most experienced edger.