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12" $12.75

08/28/2015 730669337727 

HNY 007 

***Over the past years Bézier (aka Robert Yang) has seen releases under the Dark Entries record imprint with the most recent Telomeres EP this year. The title track pronounced ‘mina’ translates from Japanese to ‘Everyone’. "Mina" is a journey through space with the initial ascent marked by a moody window of time in which uncertainty dominates the mindset of the passengers. Once they break through the atmosphere and are proceeding as planned they land on the final destination, an interplanetary discotheque. "Mina" was recorded this year with Mark Pistel on the helms for mixing and features SF drummer Kevin Woodruff of Tussle fame providing live drumming for the last portion of the track. Along with the title track the b-side includes tracks previously released on compilations but appear here for maximum record playing enjoyment. "Serengeti Drive" which appeared on Honey Soundsystem’s earlier HNYTRX compilation of queer dancefloor artists is the slow burner of the group. "Mysteries of the Deep," which appeared in the Jacktone cassette compilation of Bay Area electronic stars is the soundtrack to an underwater expedition. Both tracks were recorded, produced and mixed by Robert in his home SF studio in 2009.

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