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Kuroi Jukai
7" $11.00


SRUIN 104 

***Sentient Ruin is honored and proud to bring you a first ever vinyl pressing of the only, monumentally annihilating release to have ever surfaced from short-lived and highly elusive Edmonton AB-based Canadian powerviolence / noisegrind suicide commando Kuroi Jukai, Japanese for "black sea of trees"). By the time the release had posthumously surfaced on cassette in April 2015 through Canadian harsh noise label Aught\Void, Kuroi Jukai had already ceased to exist, becoming somewhat of a mystery in the Canadian punk and extreme/experimental underground. But this lone self-titled effort has since remained untouched as undisputed testament of the band's visionary quest for complete sonic ruin and remains a crowning achievement amongst the most ambitious and sophisticated noisegrind and underground extreme hardcore punk releases of the decade. With songs averaging thirty seconds in length and a sound pushed over the edge by a ruinous syncretism with fringe strains of harsh noise and power electronics, the harrowing mini LP is a conduit for armageddon that elevates the notion of audial terrorism to an extreme rarely before seen, all while the listener is obliterated with a violence and urgency that appears both senseless and baffling. Edition of 200 copies pressed on colored vinyl, with insert, download and silkscreened jackets.