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LP $21.95


NUD 021 

***The follow-up/companion album to last month's 1901. Featuring contributions from GOAT and AL LOVER. Hailing from the vibrant musical enclave of Gothenburg, Sweden, MELODY FIELDS delve deeper into the realms of sonic experimentation, incorporating elements of electronic psychedelia and atmospheric soundscapes, as well as exploring themes of spirituality, faith, trust, and conviction. 1991 takes a different approach as a concept album that evolved from late-night jam sessions, experimental sounds, and danceable music. It presents four collaborations including contributions from fellow Swedish psychedelic compatriots GOAT and LA based DJ and musical artist Al Lover (Fuzz Club Records). These collaborations inject new life into the original composition ’Jesus’ from the previous album, 1901. The collaborations offer fresh perspectives and invigorating interpretations, breathing new energy into the music and allowing it to evolve further.