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Whatevz Forevzzz
LP $14.00


HHBTM 143 

***Like the title implies, RED PONY CLOCK’s Whatevz Forevzzz is a summation of their firm belief that they should be able to play whatever music is striking their fancy at any given time. Most member's of RPC are first generation Mexican-Americans. They were raised listening to the music of their homeland, but hit the ground running upon the discovery that not only did their new home have a rich musical history, but so did the rest of the world. With an "everything including the kitchen sink" approach to both their songwriting and instrumentation, RPC always manage to infuse their music with the festive looseness of their mariachi forefathers. The end result sounds a bit like the video store clerks in Michel Gondry's "Be Kind, Rewind" accidentally erased an ethno-musicologist's Ipod and had to replace the content with their own "Sweded" renditions of the lost tunes. Limited to 500 copies on gold vinyl.