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Moore, Scott

Slow Motion Pictures

LP $19.25


JKTN 032 

SCOTT MOORE (guitarist for both LIMP WRIST and FLESH WORLD) debuted a live set in early 2016 and quickly took to the studio to capture five of his compositions on analogue tape. The medium complements the sound, with its rich palette of strident rhythms, rubbery synths, and Pro One squelch snaking through a murky textured haze. The choices of gear, sonic approach and composition reflect the clear connection of elemental breakdown paralleled in punk rock, industrial music, and disco. There’s a thick layer of crud on the lens these cuts are viewed through, making mystery and discomfort equal in their influence. In fact, the direction of this record was crystallized in the post-traumatic medication of a severely broken leg, as suggested by some of the titles. In that regard, Slow Motion Pictures was both therapeutic and ritualistic in execution. As an electronic artist, Moore is also one half of electro-collagist duo CONCRETE ISLAND, and half of the oscillator-and-drum-machine tripping improv duo ELECTION DAY.

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