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God Bless The Electric Freak

Turn Me On Dead Man

God Bless The Electric Freak

Alternative Tentacles
CD $9.50

09/13/2005 721616034028 


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70s rock must die, long live 70s rock! San Francisco’s TURN ME ON DEAD MAN channels the highs (pun intended) of 70s rockdom while being firmly planted on this side of the new millennium. Their sound is hard to piegeonhole, but it’s too easy to get sucked into "God Bless the Electric Freak", a delicious mess of divergent influences from T-REX to QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, from URGE OVERKILL to THE HEADS, with a shot of ZOLAR X, TURBONEGRO, THE DANDY WARHOLS and HELIOS CREED. Do not adjust your stereo if you hear gorgeously exalting rock anthems melting into neo-psych ragas surging into crushing stoner rock—you’re just tripping on TURN ME ON DEAD MAN’s hypnotic formula. Relentlessly narcissistic and decadent, TURN ME ON DEAD MAN may be the antithesis of what Alternative Tentacles usually stands for, but who doesn’t have a moment of weakness for 70s rock? "God Bless the Electric Freak" is the blissful sound of some rock star god’s private jet doing death spirals down to Hell.