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We Are The Star People
LP $12.00

07/09/2013 721616045314 

VIRUS 453 

MP3 $7.92

07/09/2013 721616045321 


When the needle hits the grooves of We Are the Star People, listeners instantly drift away to a celestial arena where endless stacks of amplifiers drench and bathe them in sonic overdrive bliss. The doors of the cosmos stretch open upon a spiritual haven where Tony Iommi and Ace Frehley freely trade guitar licks with Marc Bolan and George Harrison. Majestic, timeless and epic—Turn Me On Dead Man conjures the fantastic-ness of the nebulas with power-chords so heavy and melodies so sweet.  
While the band frolics in a lysergic glam rock playground, their songs touch on things much deeper and more surreal. Does the title track refer to native Americans invaded by outsiders or is it a play on the Hollywood star mentality? The mighty “Dreamchild” is a pure pop song of redemption; “Deep Space Pollen” is space rock at its finest with druggy vocals yearning to understand the UFO / alien abduction phenomenon. “Let Them Eat Flowers” is psychedelic perfection, and “Heart of the Deaf,” the most traditional tune on the album, provides a free tarot reading with every play. 
We Are the Star People encompasses what analog is all about—an album born for the LP format, a document for the ages that needs to be held in one’s hand. Recorded on two-inch tape like a record should be, turn it up loud, burn out and head into space at warp speed. Is it the ’70s? Is this the ’90s? No man, it’s now!


  1. #1 Heart Of The Deaf


  2. #2 Dreamchild


  3. #3 Deep Space Pollen


  4. #4 Missing Time


  5. #5 Her Majesty The Drug


  6. #6 Let Them Eat Flowers


  7. #7 Star People


  8. #8 Uhura