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Crystal Cafe
LP $15.50


HHBTM 173 

MC $6.45



***The winners want us to believe the world is beautiful, but WITCHING WAVES has seen the world and knows this is a lie—that everything is lost and nothing is to be trusted. We saw them open for Eureka California in the UK last year and couldn’t get the songs out of our head so we’ve jumped on the second album. EMMA WIGHAM, MARK JASPER and ED SHELLARD are Witching Waves, and they sound like exiles in their own country. Because this music is rooted in UK DIY and the only alternative to the clean smiles of 21st century surface life is dirty frowns, you might hear the fuzz, the flattened shouts, and think you’ve heard it before, but then you notice the guitars at the end of ‘Red Light,’ how they swell & buzz like an attack of locusts, and the oceanic rise & fall of album closer ‘Flowers’ and you realize that in their endless explorations of black & white, WW has created a universe of infinite textures and shade.